Friday, February 27, 2009

New life for a UFO and Q-snaps.....

The Let's Stitch has been a great Friday night stitching group and I have been able to finish two UFO's. I picked up SB "Herb Gatherer", one of my oldest UFO's, tonight and hope to finish it before spring.

Here is what it look like when I started....

After 5 hours stitching....

I started this summer 1998 and I don't know why I never finished it. I immediately fell in love with it all over again and can't wait to stitch again next week. will be really hard not to pick it back up this weekend, but I already have two designs in my rotation so I will have to resist the urge!

I have been struggling for a couple of weeks with La D Da's "Bushel & Peck". I saw this stitched on 18 ct. lambswool over 2 at a not so LNS and feel in love with their model. The design is 110 x 147 stitches so the fabric I am working on is pretty large! It is so "course" it has been very hard to hold and stitch freehand. I tried a large hoop, but found that very hard to hold and I couldn't keep the fabric taut. Well....I think I found my solution tonight. I have Q-snaps that I have never liked using in the past...just too awkward to hold, I don't use a frame, and the fabric would lose it tautness, even with scrap fabric between the snap and fabric. I see that so many stitchers use the Q-snaps what was I doing wrong? I decided to search for some tips last night and saw on Vonna's blog that she used felt between the stitching and the snap. I decided to try it tonight on my SB since that is a big piece of fabric. Oh my....what a difference it made. I couldn't believe how taut the fabric was and it kept the tautness the entire evening. I could have bounced a quarter off of it. I can't wait to try them tomorrow on the La D Da. If it works as well, I do believe my needles will be flying!

Thanks for looking and happy stitches this weekend....


  1. Great progress on your UFO. It will be a beautiful piece when it is finished.

    Thanks for passing on that tip about using felt in the q-snaps. I will have to give it a try.

  2. Doesn't the felt make a huge difference? I was struggling with a piece of difficult linen on my Q-Snaps a couple years ago and Vonna told me about adding felt...voila! Problem immediately fixed.

  3. Hi Karen, This UFO is great and I too just found Q-snaps. I'd been using a wood hoop but learned from my LNS that oils in your hands can be absorbed into the wood and then transfered to the fabric and since I've been using a lot of hand dyed fabric and can't wash it when I'm done that freaked me out! So, I just purchased my first Q-snaps and love them! Not sure if the newer ones are different but I haven't had to use the felt trick yet. (I think I may pick up a few pieces though just in case - don't want to get in a Q-snaps bind ;-)!! Hope you have a good weekend and can't wait to see more progress on this and your other pieces!! Mere

  4. Great progess! I love Q-snaps! I do still use hoops some, I go back and forth between the two. I really love the q-snaps for small projects because it is so easy to deal with the fabric with the q-snap!

  5. Great work on the UFO!! And congratulations on finding an answer to your problem. I think I am going to have to add Vonna's blog to my list. I have heard so many wonderful things about her.

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  7. Makes a world of difference doesn't it?! :)

    Your progress is stunning!

  8. Hello Karen,
    I came across your blog..(from another blog..) I like your work - I totally love your Herb Gatherer, it look soo sweet!!!! What will it look like when it's finished? I am curious, will follow your blog,
    Greetings from Holland,


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