Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some stitching progress......

Happy 4th of July!!!

My progress on Rainbow Row....

Barbara & Cheryl "Petite Rainbow Row"

Thanks to Marlene, I have stitched the second house and am moving right along. least until I reached the 6th house. I have stitched what I call the "original" B&C Rainbow Row and have been using it as a guide since I really liked the colors. House #6 color is more "peachey" in the original but the petite chart used DMC 223 for this house. Assuming the original was correct, I skipped over it and went to the next house. I finally got the bright idea to search the web for a photo to confirm the color. Lo and behold....the color does appear to be more pink so I will stay with the suggested thread colors.

Interestingly.... house #9 appears in photos to be a light grey. Looking at the original, my last house is a light pink! How there could be such a difference? Hubby suggested there may have been a renovation....but to Rainbow Row? I doubt that...guess the color is in the eye of the beholder. I will stick with the light grey. Oh well.....enough about that!

More stitching......

BBD "Evergreen"

While I debated the colors on Rainbow Row, I decided I would ponder it some more while stitching BBD "Evergreen". I love the design but hate the "counting" since the design is all over the place. Of course, this resulted in a miscount, so again, I have made this design my own. Simply put....I was too lazy to rip out my mistake and will work around it when I get to the border.


I just received the new Elizabeth Gaskell collection including "Daughters & Wives", "Cranford", and "North & South". I have always loved Jane Austen and had seen snippets of these on PBS so decided to order. I just love stitching all afternoon and evening while watching these movies so I have gotten a lot done in the last few days. I still have "North & South" to watch and can't wait to do so.

Enough chattering....hubby and I have decided to celebrate the 4th with a field trip somewhere in South Carolina. Oh where will the road take us.

As always...thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you all have a great holiday and weekend. Happy stitches....


  1. Fantastic stitching. I've not heard of the Elizabeth Gaskell collection - I need to check this one out!

  2. Your stitching looks great. :)

  3. Your work on Rainbow Row looks wonderful....I love Barbara and Cheryl. I did a large sampler of theirs that hangs in my DR. Can't remember the name of it but it has a large pineapple on it. Rainbow Row is one that I have always wanted to do!


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