Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Lady's Quaker is ready for some football!

Yeah...the college football season starts tonight and I am so excited so this will be a quick one! I finally got started on My Lady's Quaker SAL last night.

28 Antique White Jobelan
DMC 930/932
I was all ready to go with my pretty pink/green combination but then they had to post "A Gentleman's Quaker". I love it too and knew these two would be great in my bedroom so I chose form over fashion and went with suitable colors.

It's been a fun stitch so far and I really like the colors now that I have put needle to fabric. Oh well.....the first college game starts in 25 minutes so I am off to get my stitching ready so that I don't have to move for the next 3 hours! Happy stitches...


  1. Great start Karen! I love that color combo. I too will be stitching and watching football tonight. Go Pack (NC State);-)

  2. I want to stitch this so bad but, i have way too many commitments. You are off to a great start!

  3. Your MLQ is great - like your choice of colors. But ouch is what I have to say for the game!!! NCSU played terrible; what in heaven's name happened to the receivers??? Oh well, at least your team won; it's a miracle the score wasn't worse than it was, but c'est la vie! And it's always fun to watch the games (amidst the screams of glee and pain...) :)

  4. Oops - didn't realize til I just read your comment that you're a Packie! My commiserations to you and me both. If you could have heard the howls of despair at my house when the receivers let one (uh, several, actually) go through their was hysterical to watch my DIL asleep on the couch be woken up with the noise. But we had a good time, so until next time and I'm praying it's a better game!

  5. love the colors you are using!

    we love all kinds of football around here :)

  6. Thank goodness for football stitching time :) lol

    Love the colors!


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