Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some finishes & TUSAL...

First...thanks for all of your wonderful comments on the LK pillow. I really do appreciate them and they made my heart smile! Gotta love stitching friends.
Now... on to the important stuff!

La D Da "Merry Christmas"
JCS 2009 Ornament issue
Stitched on 32 ct. linen

My first ornament from this year's issue. I loved this has such a "vintage postcard" look. I did change the colors since I wanted to stitch it on white linen. I did have a little boo boo while pressing it. I used a little too much steam trying to get the hoop marks out. The end thread bleed. I still love it, though, and the best part, it is for me so it's just fine! Don't know if you have seen Corinna's version on chocolate linen, but I love it! I dug out a piece of chocolate linen from my stash so I am stealing her color scheme and stitching it again.

BBD "Sweet Heart" from "Joyeux Noel"
25 ct. light green linen w/misc Valdani threads

I also stitched this sweet design a couple of weeks ago and plan on finishing it into a small heart shaped pillow . I love their model using overdyed chenille trim and think I will give it a try. I just love this book and hope to stitch a few more of the smaller designs before Christmas. It has some great non-stitching projects in it so I suggest you check this one out if you haven't already!


Again, I am late on posting my monthly progress for the TUSAL. Can't really tell but the top is full of little fuzzies from my latest night of frogging. I have been working on one of SB stocking designs and I just couldn't decide if I liked a top row of swirls. After stitching and frogging twice, I decided I would leave them off. Hopefully I will be adding some more ornament threads soon!

Happy stitches....


  1. love it all
    you have been busy
    what a happy pin hen next to your
    jar o threads
    i am geared up for a wknd of finishing items
    i hope i can emulate your creative energy

  2. too funny!! I just finished stitching the same "merry christmas" prim!~~~ putting mine in a little pillow...I just may bring it next time I see you!~~ Who said great minds dont think alike!/??

  3. Beautiful finish Karen! I think it just adds to the finished look in making it 'antique like' :o) I LOVE the chocolate version. Thank you for pointing that out.

  4. I love your La-D-Da did I miss that in the JCS???

  5. Hi Karen,
    You have two very lovely finishes here.
    I have the BD heart lined up to be stitched soon - love that design.
    Such a shame about the over dyed thread bleeding. I've heard that can happen but have thankfully never experienced it.
    Happy stitching,

  6. Really -- in this year's issue. I need to go re-looking at it ... for the 279th time ;-) I certainly hadn't noticed it before but yours is wonderful.

    Congrats on all the accomplishments.

  7. Nice work, Karen. I like them both!

  8. OOh; pretties!

    I think I might like the berries on yours better, but I am just mad for brown linen!

    As for the bleeding, it doesn't show much--never would have marked it if you hadn't told me, actually.

  9. Love your ornament finish and the new BBD is looking fabulous too.

  10. Ooooh, I have been waiting to see that La D Da piece stitched and yours is just lovely. It was one of my favorites from the issue. The Sweet Heart is very pretty too and will look great as a heart pillow. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Lovely!!! Don't you just love La D Da designs! They are one of my most favorite!! Beautiful ornament!

  12. Wow Karen! I can't believe it's been so long since I've read your blog. Shame on me.I'll add you to my favorites so I don't forget to read it! I love the Merry Christmas design .I had not noticed it in the JCS issue.I've only seen this year's issue once. I actually recieved an ornament of that pattern today in the mail. I thought the same thing you did about it, 'vintage postcard'. I'll post a picture of mine soon. I love the BBD too!

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