Sunday, March 21, 2010

A nice award from some sweet stitchers.....

Thanks for Faye, Susan, Michelle and Theresa for making me feel special...( *giggle* My brothers always called me Special K growing up! *giggle*).

Enough of that. The rules go like this:
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Paste the award to your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Tell 7 unique things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 blogs and post links.
6. Leave a comment on your nominated blogs to let them know.

7 unique things about myself...well I don't have anything unique but here is a little more about me:

  1. I was the middle girl between two boys so I really wasn't a girlie girl growing up. We didn't have children in our neighborhood so I had to play trucks, war and sports if I wanted to play. My mom bought me 4 little xs kits for a quarter each when I was 13 and the rest was history.

  2. I love great beer. Like fine wines, micro brews have been on the rise and more readily available in the last few years. We love trying new beers and enjoying our favorites. I drank 200 hundred different beers (not at once!) to get a plastic plate on the wall of a local establishment. (You don't want to know how much stash I could've bought with this money!)

  3. I am a reality show junkie...I watch pretty much all of them! Not sure why...I guess watching them make me feel "normal"! My Hoarders.

  4. I love college football! I am in heaven each fall and will watch pretty much any game. Find this is great cross-stitching t.v. since you don't have to pay close attention to follow along and, if you miss something exciting, they replay it!

  5. I drew the best image of Jesus in Sunday School when I was young and received a plastic trophy, which I still have proudly displayed today!

  6. I loved spending a week each summer with my maternal grandparents in the "country" and remember it so vividly to this day. My grandmother would let me play dress up with her clothes, they gave me overgrown squash from the garden so I could "cook". She loved to sing hymns and would record me singing....too funny! They didn't have A/C so we slept with the windows open at night and I can still here the crickets. And when it rained, there was nothing so soothing as the sound on the tin roof. These memories aren't unique but I do cherish them.

  7. I was lucky enough to marry my "best friend" and have the best hubby in the world (which makes him unique since there is only one!)

I have to admit...that was pretty fun trying to think of 7 things. Now I am supposed to pick 7 blogs to pass this on to, but this would be impossible since I love all of the 200+ blogs I like to visit! it is for all who have made it through this dribble! I would love to read more about you too.

Well enough of that......wishing you many happy stitches.......


  1. You would like my BILs restaurants! He's a beer lover too and 2 of his restaurants are bars. Baileys Chocolate Bar and Bridge Wine Bar and Tap House in St Louis both have outrageously huge beer menus! I lovingly call my husband and his brothers "beer snobs" since they only drink fancy, micro brew beers. I think we all need that something that we can really just sit, sip, and enjoy. For me it's tea and wine.

  2. What fun hearing about your 7 things. :) I've heard a lot of people saying it's more healthy not to use Air Con in the summer, and it's certainly cheaper! That's fun that you go the plaque for trying out all those different kinds! I pretty much dislike beer, except for the occasional Guinness Draught--but I can only drink about 3/4 of a pint! I have fun joining in the car bombs with our friend group. :)

  3. What wonderful memories of your visits with your grandparents! I love that she recorded you singing - we still haven't erased my grandson on the answering machine when he was barely 2 years old, you can't understand a word he says except "goodbye", just can't bare to erase it! It was really lovely reading about you!

  4. Congratulations Karen! I enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

  5. Congrats on your award Karen!

    I love number 6 because I have very similar memories of spending summers with my paternal grandparents :o)

  6. Congrats on the award, Karen! I enjoyed reading about you. I was sandwiched between two boys--and then a third, almost 9 years after I was born--so I understand the games! My parents, especially my mother, were very determined to not have me be spoiled as people always assumed, so I did what they did. Usually better, actually. ROFLOL ;) Anyway, congrats!


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