Sunday, April 25, 2010

Me, Myself & I ornaments.....

Here are April's ornaments....

Little by Little "Merry Christmas to You" 1999 JCS Ornament
Little by Little "View from Above" 2001 JCS Ornament
SB "Wisemen Came" 2003 JCS Ornament

And some more finishing....

Stitched on 32ct coffee dyed linen w/ WDW's Palomino, Caper and GA's Old Blue Paint

Nan at Threadwork Primitives adapted a motif from BBD's "Quaker Garden" and finished it as a great box...if you love primitives, you have to check it out! She was so nice to share the charted "spring" so I could stitch it too. I didn't have a round box to fit my finish so I made a pin pillow. I think it is so sweet! Nan has some beautiful finishes as well as her own primitive designs too if you haven't checked them out.


I came home from a wonderful visit with Amy yesterday to new patio furniture. My mom gifted me this for my birthday and hubby spent the afternoon putting it together! (I really think she got it for my cat, Pork Chop, so he will have some place comfy to relax on the patio....the concrete just isn't very comfortable for him!)

Speaking of Amy's, boy did we have fun yesterday! She took me to a place that sells fabric remmants and trims. wouldn't believe what we got for $6.00!!! She has a
pic posted on her blog and you won't believe it. We did end up with some interesting designs! Now I just need to get busy stitching so that I can use some of them!

I finally got BBD "Honeysuckle Manor" and some wonderful fabric from DSL....boy do I love this book!! After seeing all of the wonderful projects on fellow stitchers' blogs, I can't wait to startsomething!

Thanks for visiting and happy stitches....


  1. You have a great mom! And I'm sure Pork Chop is thankful too. I saw all the fabric on Amy's blog. WOW!

  2. And forgot to say your finishes are beautiful.

  3. Lovely ornaments. Nice how you have the matching pins on you pillow, really sweet.

  4. Beautiful finishes! I have Honeysuckle Manor too- can't wait to finish some things so I can start something from it!

  5. Great job on the finishes, Karen! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love the table!

  6. Great ornament finishes, I especially like the Shepherd's Bush ornament! The Nativity story set from Shepherd's Bush is on my list of things to stitch one day.

  7. Sweet ornie finishes and what an awesome patio set!!
    Your $6 day is just the kind of day I need:)

  8. Man~~ What a birthday present~~~ Can she adopt me???lol....I know you deserve it~~ And, those photos on Amys blog about the 6.00 fabric is amazing~ Glad you guys can get together alot~~Nice finishes too~ You are on a roll.... I absolutely loved doing the Louvina Hannah sampler in Honeysuckle Manor. U simply could not put it down b/c of the beautiful colors~ Have a good week, Faye

  9. Whoa! That place must have been heaven!!!! Look at all that fabric :o)

    Your ornaments are beautifully done as always :o) Are you stitching them up during the same month as well?

    That was VERY nice of your mom! What a nice set. Hope you enjoy it :o)

  10. Wonderful ornament finishes. I'm glad that you posted the issues so I can go back and look them up. Great patio set too. What a great surprise to come home to. And I saw all the fabric on Amy's site - what a lot of fabric stash for $6.00!!

  11. Wonderful ornie finishes! What a wonderful pressie from your will be nice to sit out on the patio as the weather warms...

  12. Absolutely beautiful ornaments for April, Karen!

    Oooo, just think of all the stitching you could do at that table in nice weather!

  13. All your stitcheries look great and the pin pillow turner out so nice.
    Thanks for the mention :)
    Plus I am dying to get Honeysuckle Manor. Looks like tons of good stitching.

  14. This months ornaments are so cute. You have finished them beautifully as always.

    The new patio furniture is awesome!

  15. i see future stitching out back at that table-
    how nice...

    and wow to your april ornaments
    and spring keep


  16. All of your ornaments look fantastic Karen. I love the little spring pillow too!

  17. You've sure been busy, Karen! All of the ornaments look beautiful, as does the pin pillow (and what lovely pins in that lovely pin pillow!!).

    Your new patio furniture is amazing--what a generous mom. I'm sure you'll be enjoying many pleasant meals at that table...

  18. love the xmas ornaments! really cute pin pillow you made too! what an awesome mom to get you that gorgeous patio set.

  19. Great Ornaments and pin pillow

  20. Man, aren't you just on a roll! lovely finishes.

  21. Beautiful ornaments Karen!! I love the new patio furniture! :)

  22. What pretty finishes, love them.

    And the new patio furniture is very nice too :-).

  23. Love all your ornaments!
    I like your patio furniture but I am still looking for a pic of Pork Chop.

  24. I love your new patio furniture, Karen :) Enjoy it!!

    Your ornament tree is going to look fantastic this year!!
    I LOVE the pin pillow!! PRETTY!!

  25. What beautiful ornaments! I loved browsing through your blog and seeing your lovely stitching. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- now I've discovered yours!

  26. I love to see all your ornaments, there are so many neat ones in the JCS mags I collected over the years.

    Nice pin pillow too!


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