Sunday, April 10, 2011

RAK from Carolina Stitcher......

I had the nicest surprise in the mail
yesterday from Faye!   Before you see
the pic you just know it is going to be good
...and it is!

I  Y love Y  M Designs "Bloom" from a recent JCS
issue so Faye could not have picked a better
one to use for the cutest needlebook!

Just love the pink/brown combination on the green linen

Isn't this design perfect for a needlebook????

As always, Faye's eye for detail and finishing is flawless.  What a wonderful gift from such a great friend.....almost too pretty to use!

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Thought I would share another Dollar Tree goodie I found last weekend that I just couldn't pass up.  

What started out as a pencil holder .....

My "ends" to a means

has now been transformed with a few scrapbook
embellishments into my travelling ORT holder! 
See how nicely it folds up???

They had several colors to choose from and I
think I may need to pick up a few more.

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Thanks for visiting and I hope you have
had a wonderful stitchy weekend! 
Now....I have to get back to some
exchange stitching!!!

happy stitching...


  1. Hi Karen,
    What a lovely gift from Faye :)
    I love your Dollar Tree find! Very clever.

    Have a great week!

  2. I agree Karen~ what a darling design for a needlebook!! That Faye thinks of the cutest things!!
    I LOVE your new ORT holder! Will have to go get me one! That is too cute w/the embellishments on it. Love that it folds up~ would be great for taking on a trip.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful needlebook that you received ;)

  4. Faye did a splendid job on that needle book! That is one popular pattern :o)

    I have one of those! LOL!

  5. A gorgeous gift from Faye. Love your travelling ort holder.

  6. What a fabulous needlebook from Faye
    What a cool dollar find

  7. That was so nice of Faye to make you that needlebook! As you said her work is flawless.

    Great Dollar Store find. Your additions to it are so cute! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  8. When I saw the title - "RAK from Carolina Stitcher", I knew I was going to be jealous -LOL! What a LOVELY needlebook. Perfect! And, the "traveling ORT container" made me smile!

  9. oooo lovely :) love it when you get surprises like that :) and I think your travelling ort holder is way cute :) love mouse xxxx

  10. That needlebook is precious! Congrats to you!

  11. such a cute needlebook! Love it!

    and the ort keeper is VERY cute! Great idea.
    I love the Dollar store......haven't been in a while but have my favorite close by.


  12. Right back atcha Karen!!!! That design had your name written all over it and I am glad you like it!!! Have a great work week and happy stitching....Faye

  13. Karen, you're so clever! What a perfect traveling ort holder! I would have never thought to use it for that purpose.

    The needle book from Faye is gorgeous! Surprises are so fun!

  14. What a wonderful RAK! Faye is so talented! I love your traveling ort holder -- fantastic!!!

  15. Gorgeous needlebook and I love your little travelling ort bin.

  16. That turned out so cute!! Faye is so talented!! That was so sweet of her to send you a RAK! I love the little ort holder - what a cute idea!! :)

  17. What a cute little book. Faye does great work. I love the flowers.

  18. Great gift from Faye! Great colors and so pretty.

  19. Faye has stitched you a very pretty needlebook! I love the colours.
    Really unique ort holder too!

  20. What a cute giftie from Faye! It's cheery and perfect for Spring!

  21. That design is perfect for a needlebook. You ort holder is so funky!

  22. Super gift from Faye. Clever ORT holder!

  23. what a wonderful RAK from Faye! it just matches your pincushion you did perfectly (since its the same design and all) Love the ort container how cute is that?! may have to check out our dollar store here.

  24. Gorgeous gift AND clever re-purpose! :D

  25. Love it Karen, I am stitching it again I liked it so much. I am doing it on white this time and picking my own colors. Love this desigh. Faye has my yellow one, can't wait to see her magical touch.

  26. What a fantastic RAK to receive! Faye's finishing looks absolutely perfect and the needlebook is most precious.

  27. Great RAK from Faye - she is sooo talented! Cute idea for the traveling ort holder. Will I get to see it in MB?

  28. What a cute RAK from Faye! It's so adorable!

  29. What a beautiful RAK from Faye! That is so sweet. I love your traveling ort container, too!

  30. Wow the needlebook is gorgeous.
    And I have to ask - what's an Ort?

  31. What a wonderful RAK - beautiful!


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