Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goodies To & Fro...

**** Edited:   OOPS.....I just don't know my fairy tales*****
I participated in a couple of spring exchanges and I can now share the goodies....

I received word from Sarah (no blog) that
she received her package for the

Homespun Elegance  "Summertime Home"
from Welcomes 'A Plenty V
28ct w/recommended fibers

Homespun Elegance is one of my favorite
designers and I think these designs are timeless. 
Although this is a spring exchange, I thought
the colors in this one would suit Sarah better. 
I coffee-dyed the chenille for the trim
and just love how it turned out. 
~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
This cutie was waited in my mailbox from Melissa....

LK "Hello Spring" freebie
She was my partner for the Lizzie Kate Exchange and I just love what she stitched.  The pin cushion is very small with the design being stitched over one.   Precious just comes to mind for me each time I look at it.   Thanks Melissa for such a cute exchange.

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
Thanks Yvonne for seeing the error of my ways.
It amazes me how some stitching projects feel
like Little Red Riding Hood Goldilocks (thanks Yvonne).  You know...Little Red Riding Hood Goldilocks has to
try several porridges and beds to find just the right one. 
Well, it has been like that with my
Challenge pieces.    I decided to pick up
BBD "Berry Time", which is one of my favorites, but I found myself dreading stitching it so I tried a few more until I found the one that was
"just right".  That would be Primitive Needle's
"Dampy Sod".   This is my first design from
Lisa and I know I am going to enjoy
each stitch in this one. 
Well...that's enough about that. 

Thanks for visiting and happy stitching....


  1. LOL! Not Red Riding Hood - She got attacked by the wolf - You mean Goldilocks - LOL!!

    Love the Homespun Elegance piece you did. Their patterns always look so much better stitched than the chart photo. Love it!!

    Hope you are having a nice spring. Miss you!

  2. Love what you sent out so much! I love Homespun Elegance too! Love what you received as well. I know what you mean about having to find the right fit with your stitching. Isn't that weird? But it's so true -- sometimes it just doesn't feel right. Glad you found your next project!

  3. LOL, I was going to say Goldilocks too. Love both exchange pieces!

  4. Both exchange pieces are great !!! L

  5. Brilliant job Karen! I love that chenille trim :o)

    The piece you received is adorable and looks great over one.

  6. LOL on the Goldilocks mix up. The HE pillow you made is so cute - love your LK exchange too. Hmmm, Dampy Sod? I am not familiar with that one will have to go look it up.

  7. Love both stitched pieces! Still laughing about Goldilocks/Red Riding Hood! Funny thing is I would have known what you meant even without the changes!

  8. Great exchanges sent and received. Look forward to seeing your progress on your next challenge piece.

  9. hehehe glad its not just me that gets muddled up lovely work and glad you got one that was just right for you :0 loved the dyed trim tooo :) love mouse xxxx

  10. Great exchange pieces Karen. Love the mix up with the fairy tale too!

  11. Love both the exchanges. Lol at the fairy tale mix-up!

  12. I'm sure Sarah is loving her very own Karen-stitched Welcome pillow. It really is cute--love that little flag charm, too!

    Glad you've finally found your "just right" piece to stitch :)

  13. Pretty pillows both given and received.
    Funny how some days we just can't seem to settle on certain designs. I'm glad you finally found the one that works for you.

  14. I love your exchanges, Karen !!! I hear you about finding what feels right !! There is something about the next project that just has to fit, isn't there?

  15. Love the photos of both exchange pieces, sent and received. Homespun Elegance is one of my favorites, too. I am glad you found a challenge piece that suits your mood. That has not been a difficulty for me, though. Quite the contrary! My problem with my own challenge pieces is that I chose a lot of pieces requiring hard to find fibers ... or at least they are turning out to be hard to find ... I have one or two colors still on back-order for several of the pieces I want to be working on NOW ... expletive deleted!

  16. Both pillows are so lovely. On your blog I also see many other wonderful sitched pieces.

  17. Both exchange pieces are so cute!! I really like that Welcome design - it's very pretty. Looking forward to seeing you in a month!! :)

  18. Karen just saw your post about Criminal Intent and "our Bobby". I could not wait for that show to air. My husband said he's crazy and I said that's why I like him so much and why he solves all the crimes. Love him, and love your Homespun Elegance, also a favorite of mine...that chart stays in the "to do" pile. And the pin cushion is so pretty.

  19. Your exchange pieces look very pretty.


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