Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And then there were none....

Feels like forever since I have been here.
I had the pleasure of spending last week with my
mom after she had surgery.  Unfortunately, it
wasn't a picnic for her and her time with
me wasn't as pleasant.

Although I packed my stitch bag as if I would be
stitching 24/7, it was not to be.
I did have one last fat man!

LK "Snow Day"
stitched on 28ct khaki evenweave

My basket of snow beaus....

I think I will enjoy them for just a little longer.

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

I'm a few days away from celebrating my birthday and Miss Faye (becoming better known as the Carolina Sewer)
sent me one of her fabulous pouches.

She even personalized it just for me....

I forgot to take a pic of the pretty red floral fabric used inside. Faye is such a sweetie and this was a nice surprise.

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

I do have another little finish to share.   A co-worker retired last month and I decided to stitch up a little goodie.

BBD "Friends with You"
Chart 2 from My Heart Is True
stitched on 40ct khaki linen
w/Victorian Motto

This is becoming one of my favorite BBD books.  There is a companion piece to this one that is so pretty but time didn't allow me to stitch it.  Hopefully soon....

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

As always, thanks for giving me a little
bit of your time.   Happy stitching....


  1. Karen, I sure do love your little snowman basket. They are all to darling!!! Yes, Miss Faye is becoming quit the little sewer :) What a lovely gift to recieve... Love that BBD pattern. I just may have to add that booklet to my stash here soon.
    Have a lovely night!!

  2. Oh my! I think you need to keep that snowman basket as is. It's wonderful! Love the piece for your friend as well. And nice present from Faye too! Hope your mom is recovering and feeling better.

  3. Congrats on the finishes Karen. They turned on great. I hope your Mom is doing better. Great bag from Faye.


  4. Congratulations on your finishes! both are great! Your snowmen are just too cute for words! I just started stitching the 6 fat men but I'm doing it as part of a SAL and all on one piece. I just may need to stitch them again separately as I just love yours!

    what a lovely gift from Faye! and I hope your mom is doing better!

  5. I hoe your mom is feeling better. Your basket of snowmen is adorable & I love the BBD stitch! The project bag from Faye is lovely : )

  6. Sorry to hear you and your Mom had such a difficult time. Hope she gets better soon. Okay, those snowboys are just fabulous - i can't wait to start stitching them! I really love the way you finished them with the different ricrac. Your finish for your working friend is just darling - I know she loved it!

  7. Love your collection of snowguys! Your stitching is wonderful and your finishes are so inspired and creative!

  8. I hope your mom is doing well -
    Faye sent you a lovely bag - She does such wonderful work &

    Your basket of fat men is awesome !!!

  9. So sorry to hear that your mom had a rough time. I hope that she will be doing a lot better very soon!

    Your snowmen are absolutely fabulous! I would have them on display all year around - they look so happy and colorful!

    The pouches are so sweet and that little personalized label is just the icing on the cake. You are so lucky!

  10. Love your snowmen. Very cute collection.

    Hope your Mom is doing better. Also, your project bag is lovely.

  11. Hope your mom's feeling better after your visit.

    Faye's bags are a delight ~ You are very lucky!

    Love your basket of snow beaus and you know it's still snowing somewhere!

  12. Hope that your mom is feeling better. Love both of your finishes. Great project bag. Faye's work is wonderful.

  13. Hope your mom is doing beeter! Love all your snowmen!!! What a lovely bag! Faye's so sweet :)

  14. Love all your stitchingxxx (hope your mum is ok)

  15. What a lovely post.
    The snowman finish is adorable and the BD pillow is gorgeous.
    Lovely gift from Faye.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your mom.

  16. Your snowmen look wonderful in that basket, and the BBD finish is gorgeous. Great gift from Faye too

  17. What lovely stitchings! All those snow pillows are the sweetest! and the BBD finish I love too. Happy Birthday!

  18. Oh my, that little basket of "snow beaus" is getting full! They look fantastic, Karen.

    I love your BBD finish. Nice gift!

    I'm hoping your mom feels better soon. *hugs*

  19. Congrats on finishing your basket, it's really fabulous! So is the gift for your co-worker, and the pouch from Faye - love that little label on it.

  20. Oops, forgot to add: all the best for your mother's recovery.

  21. Sending prayers that your mom is doing better and recovering well.
    Your basket of "men" looks wonderful!! I love how you chose to finish them.
    I'm a fan of BBD ~ what a wonderful piece you stitched for your friend.
    Very sweet of Faye to send you one of her pouches ~ hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!

  22. I hope that your Mom's recovery is swift and easy.
    What wonderful finishes. I love your basket of boys :)
    That BBD finish is very sweet too.
    Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful gift from Faye.

  23. Prayers sent for your mom. What a great gift from Faye. What a special gift you have given. :)

  24. I hope your Mom will respond to a quick recovery Karen.
    Your snowmen are just adorable and such a sweet gift from Faye.
    Love the piece you completed for your co-worker and I'm sure she is grateful that you took the time to do that for her.

  25. Lovely finishes Karen! Not sure what happened, but I realized that I have missed your last few months of posts and had to go back to read them all, LOL...what beautiful stitching and card making you have been up to!

    Faye does make the most beautiful things :o) and what a sweet gift she sent you.

    Hope your mother continues to recover and quickly.

  26. Hi Karen, prayers and good thoughts for your mom's recovery. Your basket of snowmen is the rick-rack trim! And what a sweet gift you stitched for your co-worker. Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you a wonderful day of celebrating YOU!

  27. Karen --
    What a great basket of Snowmen! Love them finished with the rick-rack.

    Happy Birthday to you! Very nice gift from Faye.

  28. As always you have made more beautiful pieces. I hope that your mother has a swift recovery. Happiest of birthdays to you.

  29. Love your snowmen Karen they all look so lovely in your basket,and a lovely gift from Faye, Happy Birthday.

  30. I love your basket of snowmen Karen!! Happy Birthday too!! Love the sewing pouch from Faye!!

  31. Another gorgeous snowman finish. Your basket is stunning. Lovely finish for your friend and a great gift received.

  32. I just love your snowmen collection, Karen! And what a great gift from Faye--I love how she personalized it...

    It's so hard to see our parents go through health problems as they age, isn't it? I do hope your mom feels better very soon. I'm sure it lifted her spirits a lot to have you nearby.

    Wishing you a delightful birthday :)

  33. Well, I'm glad it has become spring again for the celebration of your birthweek, but hopefully the Snow Beaus won't make a real life appearance! That Carolina girl is something else, isn't she? Oh - not THAT Carolina, the other one (NC). Pretty finishes all, and I'm sure your friend was tickled with her gift, too.

  34. Your christmas work is beautiful. I am always impressed with people who get christmas things done early. I mean to but it just never happpens and then I start to panic stitch in December.

  35. Loving your fat guys!! The colours as usual in LK designs are so uplifting . The gift from Faye is beautiful . Hope your Mom feels better very soon . Happy Birthday !

  36. Karen, great finishes. The fat guys are cute and I don't blame you for leaving them out a little longer. So glad you reappeared in blogland. I was starting to get worried. Marty

  37. Congrats on your finishes!!! I really love the snowmen cushions! I'm stitching these fat men too, but all together
    have a great w e

  38. Love your snowmen finishes Karen! They're perfect in the basket. Lovely finish for your friend too. I hope things go okay for your mum's recovery.

  39. Your snowmen are so sweet Karen. Love how you've finished them all. I'm on the last one now myself:)

    Love your BBD finish. I want to get that book too.

    Hope your Mum is doing OK.

  40. Great finishes, your snow beau are looking fantastic, and why shouldn't you enjoy them for a bit longer. Happy Birthday too and enjoy your pretty gift from Faye.

  41. You have been busy! So many finishes..
    I love the most the LK piece... you really done a great job on them.
    Your going to have a lot of fun on them!!
    Happy B-day and good luck with your mum

  42. Your finish is wonderful, Karen and they all look wonderful in the basket. I'm sorry the time with your mom wasn't so good - hope she's on the mend and feeling better. Lovely bag from Faye! Happy birthday, to you!

  43. Happy birthday to you.
    Love the little snowmen, i think I'll do them separately as well.
    I love the piece you did for your friend, I have that book and you have inspired me to do it for a sweet friend of mine.
    Love to visit your blog, I don't post much but love to read and look and all you do.
    Judy in Kansas

  44. Your fat men fnishes are so great, they have definitely inspired me to do them separately

  45. How wonderful! I just love all these fellas! What a wonderful present from Faye! Happy belated birthday!

  46. Love love love love your snowmen pillows!!!! :)
    And happy belated birthday!!

  47. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    I love your L*K finishes, they are so sweet.

    Your finish for your colleague is lovely too.
    Hope you have a nice birthday and that your Mum recovers well.

  48. Your snowmen are awesome. I am inspired to get them all kitted up and started! Hope your mom is feeling better.

  49. Beautiful stitching, Karen. I just love how you had your 6 Fat Man finished. I just started this design as a SAL and am really enjoying it.


  50. Love all the fat men in the basket :) I'd keep them out all year! Great finish for your friend too!

  51. That basket of goodies just makes me smile! You do such beautiful work. I hope your mom is on the mend now.

  52. Hi Karen, I've just discovered your blog and I love what you do! Your fat men are lovely indeed! Well done!

  53. I just love this! I love all your finishes! I sure hope your mom does well with her recovery!

  54. Your blog is very nice.

    I write from italy.


  55. I love your basket full of jolly snowmen! I'm hoping to do something similar with lots of Autumn designs :)
    Best wishes.

  56. Hi Karen, you have a beautiful blog and I adore the colours you've used for your cushions by Lizzie Kate. They are just adorable!
    Greetings from Belgium,
    Miss T.

  57. Hello, my name is Eleana and I live in El Salvador Central America, I found by chance on Pinterest and I really enjoyed your blog.
    Since July last year I started to embroider, and has been rewarding way of going on, but I'd go to the next level is to mount my embroidery. Could you help me with a tutorial to make a cushion as you show in your photos?
    Maybe a diagram or picture tuto in the process to make the cushion, I have a cute kitten waiting to be presented in this way.
    Thanks a lot.


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