Saturday, June 30, 2012

Halloween in July....

First, I must say I just enjoyed my first
tomato sandwich of the summer.
It was the perfect tomato sandwich.
What makes it perfect?
Sunbeam Old Fashioned white bread
( has to be Sunbeam & it has to be fresh)
John's Island tomatoes
(from the SC Lowcountry...they are the best)
Duke's mayo
( has to be Dukes)
Think I will enjoy another as soon
as I finish this post!

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

Okay...back to stitching.  I have another
Crazy Challenge finish...lucky number 7!

Primitive Needle "Kindred Spirits"
stitched on 35ct. WDW parchment
w/CC & Victorian Motto

Everybody needs a little halloween in their June!
This little design was so deceiving!  I thought
I could knock it out in a day or two but it took
me over a week to get it finished. 
(Maybe too much t.v. watching and not enough stitching!)
Now I just have to figure out what to do with it....

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

My time before has been preoccupied
with this little beauty and I thought I would
share a progress pic.  

Homespun Elegance "Peace & Plenty"
stitched on 40ct mystery fabric
w/ DMC

I just love the colors in this one and can't
wait to get back to it.  I have decided to use the
same color scheme for Plum Street Samplers
Colonial Garden since I think they will
really complement each other.

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *

I have also recently acquired some new
goodies though it is bittersweet.
I was sad to learn that Counted Stitches, one
of my favorite shops, was closing the end
of JuneThey were so sweet to deal with
and I will definitely miss my annual trip
for their Christmas Sale.

Hubby & I had a trip planned a few Saturdays
ago so he was persuaded to take a small detour
so that I could visit with them one last time.

Their sale started at 35% off so I couldn't resist! 
(I think I am set for life with HE brass buttons.)

My diginity will not allow me show the full
haul but here is just a glimpse.  
(I did some serious damage.)

I also got some goodies from Jill who was nice
enough to share some of her hand-dyed threads.

I just love pink & brown and I hope to put
them to good use very soon!

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

Well I won't bore you with comments on how
hot it is here in SC since you are probably just
as hot if you are in the good ol' USA.  
Perfect stitching weather, though, so I
am off to see what trouble I can find.

As always....thanks for visiting
and stay cool!


  1. Yum! I must say, I started to make one with a grocery store tomato the other day (I like fresh Italian bread) but couldn't bring myself to do it - I'll wait so it'll be perfect.
    Great finish - love the PN designs, too.
    WOW at your stash building - good job! Stay cool!

  2. Boy - that sandwich sounds like a regional treat! None of the required ingredients are available here in Oregon. Love your Primitive Needle finish. Stay cool! (70F in Oregon).

  3. Any time of the year is good for Halloween stitching. I love the PN piece. Nice.

  4. MMMM! Fresh tomatoes...nothing better. Beautiful Halloween stitching! Enjoy your haul! New stash is soooo much fun!

  5. That sandwich sounds wonderful!!! Your stitching is alwasy beautiful, Karen, and these little beauties are no exception!!! So sorry to hear that your favorite shop is closing, but it looks like you have something to keep you busy for awhile!!! Always look forward to your posts.

  6. Karen, your stitching is lovely. The Halloween design is fabulous. Go us what you got! I did the same thing about ten years ago when a quilting shop closed. We have to take advantage of these opportunities....especially @ 35% off.

  7. Cute finish hun; I love Halloween!! I've been thinking of starting a Halloween design myself.. :) Come on and show us what you know we all want to we can drool and be jealous..LOL

    Hugs, Shar

  8. Love your finish and your WIP too. Both are so pretty! And the stash -- nice! Too bad your LNS is closing though. I hate to see that.

  9. Love your Kindred Spirits finish. I am longing to stitch this as it is a favorite of mine. Hope to get to it this year. Your post makes me want to pull it out and let it stare me down till I can get to it :)
    BTW... please show us the stash you got on sale. Don't tease us :)
    Stay Cool!

  10. Wonderful Halloween finish and great WIP! You made a great stash haul, it sounds like and I love your pink and brown floss.

  11. Your PN is very cute - love the colors. I am going to start a Halloween one tomorrow for MB. It seems a lot of shops are closing - one in Indianapolis, and another in Illinois. I just ordered several counted canvas charts from the one in Illinois as they are her designs.

  12. I hate to see another store close. Great stash though. Love the finish.

  13. Halloween designs are so much fun! Lovely finish!

  14. Karen, you are right! Only sunbeam bread, Dukes mayo and Garden grown tomatoes!! lol I love that PN design. I have it in my stash to stitch.. Hopefully by Great wip! Any new stash is great stash! Love that pink and brown thread!!

  15. Lovely post Karen love you stitching and your great buys.
    Can't wait for my first tomato won't be to long I hope.hugs.

  16. Yummy! In the tomato, a lot of solar spirit seem to be packed!
    Wonderful Halloween finish!

  17. Wonderful stitching, Karen! I especially love the Halloween finish.

    After last summer, I've had enough hot weather to last me until the end of time...

  18. Gorgeous stitching. Love the halloween finish. Great new stash.

  19. Fantastic finish, Karen! Your new WIP looks great, too.

  20. I love fresh tomato sandwiches, they are the best. Kindred Spirits looks fantastic, can't wait to see how you finish it. Enjoy your new stash
    Happy Stitching

  21. My tomatoes are coming along, tho they are pitifully scarce and far between on the plants. Cukes are just popping and green beans look like aphids are here so will have to do a bit of doctoring to save the poor things! Yes, we definitely want to see those charts you purchased! You are really cranking out the finishes! I also love brown and pink and want to do something in that combination! Stay cool! Hugs!

  22. The tomato sandwich sounds absolutely wonderful! I grew up on them in NJ, we use to grow beefsteak tomatoes, the best! out here in AZ though, you don't get many good tomatoes. :( love kindred spirits, i also have it waiting in the wings to be started. And great big bag o stash you got there. I visited there in early April when i was visiting my sister in North Augusta. Sad there are closing shop. I should have sent her over there with some money and said just buy. LOL

  23. Karen, your work is again stunning. Some of us even do "Christmas in April" why not "Halloween in July" :-) and I love the design by H.E. I can't wait to see you finish it.
    Have a great time stitching it and even stitchers are allowed to watch tv from time to time :-)

    Miss t.

  24. Nothing better than mater sammich!!!Cant wait to see your stash haul!!!

  25. Staying cool is a challenge in this heat. The AC can barely keep up, and it's even hotter where you are!! I hope you can stay cool, and stir up some fun with stitches. Grats on the finish. Sometimes, they are deceiving. But it's done, and that's what counts!! Love the colors in your new piece too. Now you've made me hungry for a bacon and tomato sandwich. Yum!! With fresh tomatoes out of the garden...

  26. Love your Primitive Needle finish! Another one I have in my stash and which I really should stitch having seen your great finish! What nice new stash (and yes, you're set for life on HE buttons!!!) I love tomato sandwiches too, there's nothing like them when they're freshly made. Hope the heat breaks soon.

  27. Congrats on the cute finish, and your WIP is just lovely! And it's terribly hot here in Italy too, at the moment....

  28. Such a darling finish, Karen--I could stitch Halloween stuff all year round, too :) And what a haul you made at the shop that's closing...(please, please show us all the charts you bought??!!)...

    Try to stay cool--this heat and humidity is just exhausting and July has just begun!

  29. Oh, you are in time I think, this Halloween design looks very beautiful Karen.

    Greetings from Bavaria

  30. Fresh summer tomato sandwich (I'll take mine with some bacon, mayo and a side of farm-fresh corn on the cob!) ... heavenly!

    Cute Halloween finish!

    Hate to see LNS closings. LNS in my area are very few and far between.

    Can't wait to see some new starts from your recent purchases!

  31. Great Halloween piece Karen. It's never too early to start stitching for Fall:))

    Very nice stash haul. Too bad about that shop closing though.

    Stay cool and Happy 4th:)

  32. I also have a tiny bit remaining on my Kindred Spirits--it is deceptive in the way you mention! But, a great piece.

    Love those HE Buttons-the cats are so cute!

  33. Mmm! That tomato sandwich sounds DivinE!! I would love to see ALL your stash!! Show us!! Too bad that your needlework store is closing. It seems that many are doing that now. So sad. But good that you got lots of new stash!!

  34. I am jealous about the tomato sandwich. Can't wait to have my first one of the season. Lovely finishes and great stash enhancements too! Stay cool.

  35. There is nothing better than a tomato sandwich.
    I am sad to see another wonderful shop close. It looks like you picked up some wonderful things.
    I love the Halloween finish.
    Keep Cool and have a great week :)

  36. Wonderfull stitching...
    Lovely pic's.
    Happy stitching!!

  37. Great stitches! That piece fooled me too when I stitched it! Love the colors in Peace and Plenty, very pretty! And oh my, looks like some wonderful stash enhancement! Now, I suddenly have a craving for a tomato sandwich.....


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