Thursday, November 1, 2012

Throwback Thursday....

My older brother celebrated a 
special birthday this week.
He turned the big 50!

I have always loved this picture of us 
three since it was such a happy day.
Who isn't excited to see Santa in July?????

Anyone else been to Santaland in North Carolina?

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At the PALS retreat, a few mentioned how 
much they enjoyed these blog posts.   
(at least I hope they do...)
It has been awhile and little did I realize my 
brother's house would provide some new material.
While helping my SIL clean up 
after the party, I spotted this hanging on 
the wall and the picture fest began.

For The Love Cross Stitch
Stitched on 14ct white aida w/ DMC

I had completely forgotten about stitching this 
but I am sure it had to be for a birthday 
or Christmas.Although I don't know the 
name I am certain it was in a 90's issue 
of For The Love of Cross Stitch.
I think it just so that little puppy.

While I was snapping pics, my SIL obliged 
and collected some more stitched gifts 
from years gone by.

Stitched on good old 14ct aida w/ DMC

This one I did sign and date, which was unusual 
for me to do.  I do remember I gave it to 
them soon after they got married and moved 
in their new house. Can't get much more 
country than this but I still like it.

Ever forgot you stitched something?

Frankie Buckley "Collection of Things Country"
Stitched on 14ct aida w/ DMC

 I do know I stitched them but can't remember 
for the life of me when.  It had to be in the 90's 
due to lovely rust/blue mats, when country was 
still the rage.  Who hadn't stitched these or 
something similar???
Think I need to rethink those mats.

And lastly, for my niece....

I found this prayer and charted it for my niece's 
birth. I loved the sentiment of the prayer and 
hope I have lived up to my end of the bargain.

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

Thanks for going on this trip down memory lane.
Looking at these make me smile that I was able to 
share my favorite craft with my brother and his
family and that they do appreciate them.

I do send up prayers for those that endured the 
storm and are now dealing with the aftermath.   
I hope the recovery will be quick.

Hope you can enjoy your weekend 
and happy stitching.....


  1. Not the SIL from the blog but a member of that club. I and my children have received many hand crafts from Karen. Her talent speaks for it's self. And if you have met her in person you know she is the most genuine person you will ever met. Love her but she will show up in front of the in-laws with things like homemade cards and wrapping paper!

  2. Happy birthday to your brother ... and it was a lovely photo of you all isn't it .... and thanks for the trip down your memory lane :)love mouse xxx
    ps love coming over to say hello

  3. I have enjoyed the trip down your memory lane and loved the picture of you and your brother was small. Have a good weekend.

  4. What a great picture of you and your brothers. I love the way you are holding your dress at the bottom, too cute!
    That was a great prayer you stitched for your niece.♥

  5. How wonderful to look back some times at our old stitching ,they look lovely, and I love the cute photo. hugs.

  6. Happy Birthday to your brother! And how wonderful to get reacquainted with the pieces you stitched for him many years ago. They all look great!

  7. Lovely ode to your brother! I hope that he had a fabulous birthday!!
    I love seeing all these projects.

  8. What a darling photo of you three!

    Ah - Aida and country - didn't we all? Finding something masculine isn't always easy. The duck decoy and dog make me think brother must be a hunter? All that's southern captured in one frame :-), and the birth sampler is precious.

    Thanks for featuring Throwback Thursday again. Love it! Have a great week.

  9. Oh, how fun! It looks like your brother and his family treasure your needlework gifts, which is a gift in itself, I think. :) Happy birthday to him, and best wishes for many more returns.

  10. Happy birthday to your brother. He's lucky to get so many pictures from you!!

  11. Birthday wishes to your brother. So many lovely projects you have made them.

  12. I loved seeing all the older projects. It's fun to see something from way back that maybe had been forgotten! I didn't take pics of my finishes back then, did you?
    I was just in Charleston visiting my aunt and took pics of a couple things I had stitched for her a long time ago, and put them on my blog.

  13. Very cute photo of you and your siblings with Santa Karen.
    Love the throwback pics too and it is wonderful when your family appreciate your stitchy pieces.


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