Monday, November 10, 2008


I am on vacation this week and have been waiting on this "retreat" for a long time! I took a week in November last year and got so much crafting done for Christmas that I am implementing the tradition of my annual craft retreat! I do plan the obligatory work day in my house and will tend to all of the household chores I have been neglecting since we moved in our house two months ago! The rest is reserved for stitching, papercrafting and shopping for new crafting stuff I don't really need! So much to little time.

This is BC "Rise & Shine" that I finished last night and framed this morning. I have had this design for years and it was a pretty easy stitch. I love the way it turned out and will display in my kitchen.

In addition to the framing, I made some clay buttons using my Sculpey clay to use on SB's "Merry Christmas" pattern. I stitched the design on a smaller count than the design recommended and the JABC buttons provided are too large. They are baking in the oven now and I hope to paint and finish that today also! Not sure how they will turn out and will make the executive decision to elimnate if they don't work. I also have 9 ornaments that are ready for finishing and hope to do that today. I am not much one for finishing and have to be on a roll so I just may have to drag some other stuff (i.e. needlerolls, etc) that need the sewing machine and knock it all out! to Hobby Lobby & AC Moore where I am armed with coupons for both. I am sure there is something I just absolutely have to have!!!!

Happy crafting!

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