Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blue & Brown day...

I saw this little gift bag in the Dollar Store and thought it would make a great carrier for some handmade cards. My SIL's birthday is this week so I made her some monogrammed note cards in the color scheme of the gift bag.

I liked the combination of the blue and brown and made some more cards for upcoming occasions. One will be given to a co-worker who is retiring at the end of the year.

I also stitched two ornaments last night and cut the fabric backing to finish them. I decided I might as well finish my other stitched unfinished ornaments while the sewing machine is set up. I cut and pinned the fabric backing and now have 9 ornaments to sew. I was shocked at how many unfinished ornaments I have. Hope to get them completed tomorrow. Can't wait to add them to the Christmas tree this year. I will definitely post pics once finished.

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  1. Beautiful cards and such a clever way to package them! I will be making a trip to the dollar store to check for ideas- thanks for the inspiration! debb


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