Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Start "You May Delay"....

There are so many great designs that I would love to have, but have been pretty good on my "stash diet" so far. I resisted the urge to go to the LNS yesterday and buy something new me it was very difficult to do!!! So I decided late Saturday night to start something new and pulled this oldie from my stash that has been anxiously waiting its turn since 2000.

Sunflower Samplings "You May Delay"

I started last night about 10:30 and actually got quite a bit of the house done. I just love this design and will have to post my progress later.

If you live near an AC Moore's, they have their DMC 6/$1.00 Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day. I decided to be there when the doors opened to avoid the crowd, but so did 5 other women so there was just a little pushing and shoving to stock up on some thread. They also have a 50% off coupon for a regular priced item good through Monday in case there is something you can't live without!

We don't have Monday off but I hope everyone can enjoy a long stitching weekend! Please say a prayer for all our service men as we remember the fallen ones. Makes me greatful I have a job to go to!!! Happy stitching....


  1. 6/$1.00 for threads?! Too bad we don't have a store here in CA.....
    This new start looks very interesting, can't wait to see your progress~

  2. That is a gorgeous design! I can not wait to watch you stitch this! To bad that I don't have an AC Moore's anywhere near me!! I know what you mean about just being thankful for a job to go to!

  3. That is a great price for DMC, and you only had to put up with 'a little pushing' lol! Nice chart too, might have to look for it online...

  4. what a pretty design! Can't wait to see how much you got stitched :)

  5. Okay Karen,
    Which one of the five ladies were you? I was there. lol.
    We had a chance to meet and didn't know it.
    It is really a small world.


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