Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stitching progress....

UFO progress.....
Friday nights are my UFO stitching night and I was able to get in a few hours on Herb Gatherer. I love the design but just can't seem to get into stitching it, however, I will trudge forward next Friday.

I just have a little left to finish the skirt and can move on to the border. Thanks to the new UFO blog, I hope to finish it this year!

More stitching progress.......

I also wanted to share my progress on BOAF "No Honey". I really love stitching this and hope to finish this week. I don't care to stitch on linen too much, but love this Belfast. The actual fiber colors are also more pastel in real life than in the model, which appear much darker, but I like it.

Thanks for looking and thanks for all your comments...they are the perfect link to your blog and I love visiting other blogs! It's amazing how many ideas and new designs you find! Thanks for all your inspirations! Happy stitches....


  1. Great progress on HG Karen! Hang in there girl;) and "No Honey" is moving along really fast! Both are very pretty:)

  2. Great progress on your wips! I started Herb Gatherer years and years ago too. One day I'll get back to it?? Maybe?? :)

  3. Both of your WIP's are looking fantastic!! They are looking great!


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