Saturday, June 27, 2009

67th Annual Watermelon Festival.....

...the oldest continuing festival in South Carolina, was held this week in my hometown, Hampton. Though we missed all of the activities during the week, we did make it to the parade today. It was a very "sticky" 100 degrees, but it was nice to spend the day with my entire family. I just had to share some pics of my niece and nephew.

Here is my 6 month old nephew, Connor, with his uncle Gerald. He looks sunburnt, but it was only the reflection from this watermelon colored umbrella.

Here is my niece, Brittany, striking a pose.

After a while, the excitement was just too much to handle for little Connor!

The parades are just not like they used to be with the beautiful floats, beauty queens, and politicians, but one of the most interesting entry was this John Deere paying tribute to my favorite team, the Clemson Tigers! Thought that was pretty neat.....

Well...after a shower to wash off all of the sweat, I am ready to settle in for some stitching. Hope all are having a great weekend and happy stitches....


  1. Looks like great fun!!

    Cindy Mae
    My store opens July 1st!!


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