Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rainbow Row and more....

Well....I did get a little bit done last week. Michelle said it looked like a bomb exploded where the shrubs were waiting anxiously to be stitched. I am still waiting on the "paint" for the second house.....how can someone not have DMC 762 in their stash???? Oh well...one day I will make it to Hobby Lobby to pick up.

Something new....

We went to Charleston on Saturday and I didn't want to take Rainbow Row to stitch so I decided to start something new to take along. I won BBD "Evergreen" in a giveaway a couple of months ago and just couldn't resist starting it. Now I am finding it hard to put it down and get back to Rainbow Row.


I participated in a spring exchange in May, however, my partner did not reciprocate so I am just chalking it up as a not so random act of kindness. Oh well...when life gives you lemons......

Lorri Birmingham "Bee Kind"

I really love the design even though it is an oldie. In addition, I made my first beaded scissor fob.....will definitely be making more of these!

Thanks for looking and happy stitches.....


  1. Rainbow Row is looking fantastic, love Evergreen as well. That's what you get for starting something new lol, I'm sure you will pick it up again soon though. Love teh LB, I have done that one as well - how disappointing when people don't do the right thing though, I have had it happen too many times as well

  2. RR is looking great, but I do understand the fascination for Evergreen as well. Love the needleroll - sorry about the non-exchange! I hate it when people don't follow through and then never bother to even let anyone know!

  3. I love the "Evergreen" pattern. I can fully understand why you couldn't resist starting it.

    Sorry to hear your Exchange partner "flaked" out. That is so frustrating.

  4. RR is looking grand!! Love the scrubs :) lol If you were closer, I'd throw some 762 your way.

    OHHHHH Ilove Evergreen! and am kicking myself cause I don't think I've ever seen it! Now I have to go find it! shame on you! lol

    Your first fob is wonderful!!! I'm sorry about your exchange partner :(

  5. You're doing great on RR, and I love "Evergreen". I have that one in my stash too, OF COURSE! ;-)

    The exchange pkg you sent is great... the person should be ashamed for not following though. Sorry!

    Happy stitching my friend,

  6. What a beautiful exchange you sent! I'm sorry you didn't receive back:( Good things happen to good people! I love so many of the older patterns and your needleroll is absolutely precious! Loving the fob too!! Great spring colors:)

    RR is progressing beautifully and I'm loving your new start!!

    So much good stuff Karen!!


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