Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BBD "Moonlit Garden" and some stash....

BBD "Moonlit Garden"
32 count Natural linen w/recommended WDW fibers

This was a great stitch...not sure why I took a two week hiatus from it. I pulled it back out this weekend and put the last stitch in earlier this evening. I just love the fall colors and it is even a favorite of hubby's. Hopefully I can frame it soon so I can enjoy it all of the time.

Now....the good stuff!


I was lucky enough to win a Big Brother pool recently and my prize was a gift certificate to Down Sunshine Lane. Amy recently had a great sale and I was able to whittle down my "wish list" a little! My favorite has to be CHS' "Frederika" and I just don't know how much longer I can resist the urge to start it. I just love the colors!

Thanks for all of the great comments on my recent finishes! Thanks for visiting my small part of the universe and if you leave a comment, I would love to visit yours!

Happy stitches....


  1. I like the BBD. How are you going to finish it?
    There's nothing like new stash is there?

  2. Moonlit Garden is very pretty. Your stitching is beautiful!

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous! I have never seen this particular design before. Is it from one of their books?

    Looks like you had fun doing a bit of shopping! I did a bit of stash building during the DSL sale recently, too!

  4. great charts
    beautiful bb design

    i have a hankering for that frederika bird myself

    it really is a cheery and satisfying chart and colors


  5. Oh..you lucky lucky girl!! Love what I see in that stash!! Especially Carriage House! And, your finish is beautiful...Great job! I cant wait to talk to you at Pals....See you soon! Faye

  6. Love the colors in BBD!!! Such a great finish!!!!
    And just look at all those goodies you got!!!!! Yummy~~~~~

  7. Moonlit Garden is gorgeous.

    Lucky you for winning. Looks like you whittled down your wish list more than a little.

    I fell in love with Frederika, the colors are so pretty. But, I have so much going on already. Hmmm.

  8. Congrats on finishing Moonlit Garden, it looks fabulous!

    And look at all your yummy new stash, enjoy!

  9. Congrats on a beautiful finish Karen!!! Great stash haul too!! I love Frederika also. I'm very, very tempted to stitch it soon!

  10. Great finish on your BBD!!!
    And I just got some stash from Amy too...LOL
    Take care

  11. Ooh - lots of lovely stash! You must have Frederick, too - aren't they both fantastic?! Nice stitching, too. :)

  12. Congrats on the great stash!!
    Love love love the Moonlit Garden, Nice work!!

  13. Wonderful finish, it is perfect! Awesome new stash!!

  14. Such a beautiful finish, Karen!

  15. I love your Moonlit Garden finish, the colors are wonderful :)

  16. OH wow! Congrats on your beautiful finish and your awesome new stash prizes!!!

  17. I would love to purchase the pattern Moonlit Garden, if you are interested in selling it. Thanks, Amy amyfrazier@hotmail.com


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