Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freebies, fabric and finish.....

First....the freebies!

Look at the wonderful package I received today! I was one of the lucky winners in the latest giveaway at Blackbird Designs blog. Oh my....I am so excited since they are one of my favorite designers. I especially love the "Joyeux Noel", which has some wonderful designs.

Second....the fabric!

If that was not enough, my postman left me another great little package. Thanks to a gift certificate, I was able to purchase the fabric for "Frederika"...Lakeside Linens 40 ct. Pearled Barley. This is my first time stitching on 40 ct., but Amy and Nicole love their linen so I decided to bite the bullet. Now I just need to start!

Third.....a finish!

Small Floral Sampler stitched on 28 ct. linen with GA & WDW

I finished this cute little sampler over the weekend. (Well almost...I noticed while posting that I forgot to stitch the bird's beak...oops!) I was looking for something simple to start and finish quickly. The design is from "Old Samplers-Book 2" from Leta Sullins. I have had this booklet for ages and love some of the designs so I hope to stitch a few more.

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on Moonlit Garden and visiting my blog! It makes my heart smile! Well...time to blog hop and hopefully get some stitches in. Happy stitches....


  1. Wow Karen you had an awesome day!! Congrats on your new stash! Ive had my eye on Midnight Watch, Im going to treat myself next trip to the LNS. Love your floral sampler, the colors are so pretty!
    Happy Stitching

  2. hooray for you on all counts
    i have just ordered the j.noel book
    looking forward to it
    nice finish

  3. Whoa...you DID have an awesome day!!! Love love love all the charts!! And the Lakeside is pretty too. I am going to "bite the bullet" and get some LL from Amy next week. I am used to 40ct but need to "experience" LL. Your finish is great...You just made my morning I am so happy for you!~! Faye

  4. WOW, lucky you with those BBD charts! I have had my eye on Midnight Watch since it came out and i'm about ready to cave in and buy it :) Great new fabric, and fantastic finish!

  5. All kinds of great things to look at! Congrats on winning those lovely new BBD charts!!!

  6. Woo Hoo Karen!! Your first 40 ct! Good lighting and magnification (strong reading glasses are what I use) are key!! You will be hooked! Congrats again on winning the BBD contest. Love your finish - what a sweet design! :)

  7. What an awesome mail day!! I'm pretty sure I'd have fainted right over after opening the BBD box! What great prizes! I ordered the book and am stalking the mailman for it every day!

    Good luck on the 40 ct...it sure is pretty!

  8. You are so lucky! I have been looking at the Midnight Watch pattern for a while now. Your finish is very cute!

  9. Great stash and lovely stitching! Hope to see this weekend!

  10. You are one lucky lady to win those BBD patterns, I am so jealous!! lol
    Your Floral Sampler is so sweet


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