Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Finishes....

43--Jardin Prive "My Lady's Quaker"
42--Gazette 94 "Heart" freebie
41--"Glory to God" ornament '02 SANQ
40--Earth Threads "Band Sampler" JCS 98
39--JD "Bell Ornament" JCS 08 Preview
38--LK "Joy Peace Love" ornament (8)
37--BBD "Noel" ornament-Exchange
36--BBD "Sweet Heart"
35--LK "Christmas Is..."
34--Leta Sullins "Floral Sampler"
33--BBD "Moonlit Garden"
32--"Boo Quaker" freebie
31--Triology "Tricky Treats"
30--SB "She Tends"
29--HE "Autumn Welcome"
28--JABC "Winds of Autumn"
27--BC "Autumn Zipper"
26--SB "Be Witch"
25--HE "Autumn Time"
24--Diane Williams "Joy in the Journey"
23--B&C "Petite Rainbow Row"
22--BBD "Evergreen"
21--BC "Here Comes the Sun"
20--BC "Summer House"
19--Sunflower Samplings "You May Delay"
18--CS "Briar Rose Sampler"-JCS 1990
17--Ornament-"Needleworker's Pocket-03 JCS
16--Ornament-"Poinsettias & Pines"-98 JCS
15--Ornament-"Reindeer Garden"-00 JCS
14--BOAF "No Bees No Honey"
13--LK Flip-It Stamp: April
12--BBD "Autumn Bouquet"
11--La D Da "Old Glory Angel"
10--La D Da "Bushel & Peck"
9--LK Flip-It Stamp: March
8--La D Da "Act Justly"--UFO 2006
7--LK Friends Make Life Sweeter
6--Jeannette Crews "Old Glory"-UFO 2005
5--BC Seasons of Change
4--Ornament- Tudor Rose-99 JCS
3--Ornament-SB Noel-99 JCS
2--Winter Sampler-freebie
1--PV "Pink Ribbon"--UFO-1998

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