Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seeing the Elephant....


How I spent my summer vacation.

First......the stitching:

Like many on a "road trip", I packed my
stitching bag with a new project that I knew
would be easy to stitch and finish
during our lengthy car rides.

My vacation progress.....

Not much!

Just too much great scenery to see.

LK "Snowman "10"
stitched on 28ct. khaki evenweave

No fear....he was stitched after I got home. 

Next....the sights:

Hubby planned a great trip that followed some
of the trails of Lewis & Clark as well as the
Santa Fe, Mormon, Oregon, & California trails. 
Hence the title of this post....
you can read more about that here

I became fascinated with the pioneer history and
specifically the pioneer women.  I thought I
was suffering if I had to go without my A/C
for more than 30 minutes.  I can't even imagine
what they endured as they left their families and
belongings behind for a new life out west.

I'll share a few of my favorites pics as we travelled
across Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado.

St. Louis Arch

Capturing the perfect picture of the Arch

My travel companion

Sunday dinner family style at J. Huston Tavern
Arrow Rock

On the trail of Lewis and Clark
Bend of the Missouri River

Scenic Nebraska

Making our way west
Scott's Bluff

South of the Border Pedro's twin in the west
Ogallala, Nebraska

Had a great time in Ft. Collins, Colorado but
this is the only picture I took that day!

Just beautiful on Trail Road
Rocky Mountain National Park

On our way up to the Alpine Visitor's Center
Rocky Mountain National Park


Like most pioneer girls, I had to have my
doll to keep me company.

My pioneer doll

Although she is a 21st century doll, it was
love at first sight and will be a nice
memory of our trip west!

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

If you made it this far, thanks for
taking the time to visit.
Have a great stitchy week!


  1. ohhh Karen, what a lovely vacation! I love vacations like that where you really get to see part of our great country :) Thanks for sharing....

  2. Lovely vacation, and you traveled through some areas I used to live and work. When I lived in Cheyenne, WY I used to love driving up to Estes Park. It was always a gamble in the fall during elk rutting season. The bulls were both beautiful and amusing. The gamble was if they decided they wanted to charge your car.

  3. Sounds like you had a very nice vacation~~ Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I love that snowman! I may have to add him to my stash. Thanks for sharing some of your vacation!

  5. What a great trip you made lovely photo's thanks for sharing.
    Great stitching love the snowman, hugs.

  6. ooooo gorgeous scenery :)and well done on finishing the wee snowman ... i can see why you didn't get him done while away
    lovely wee doll too :)
    love mouse xxxx

  7. It looks as though you had a wonderful trip, Karen! Nice finish too. I always take my stitching but I usually get about as much progress as you made...just too excited!

  8. It sounds and looks like a great trip! I have such trouble stitching in the car.

  9. Looks like such a fun trip! Wow! Love seeing all the pics. Great stitchy finish as well!

  10. What a great trip! I love your doll. :) I can see why you didn't stitch a lot.

  11. How interesting! I actually knew of this!! In 1992 I bought a book called 'They Saw The Elephant...Women in the California Gold Rush' which puts a different spin on what your citation states--a female view! Sounds like a wonderful trip!! I have to stitch that snowman one of these days! Your is wonderful! Hugs!

  12. What an awesome vacation...loved the snaps!

    And your LK Snowman finish is adorable!!

    I am hosting a Halloween exchange; if you are interested, drop me an email and I will forward the

  13. It looks like you had a fun vacation! I love the Rocky Mountain National Park pics, it looks so beautiful.

    Love the LK Snowman finish too!

  14. Looks like you had a great trip! What wonderful sights you saw too! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  15. It looks like it was a wonderful trip. The photos are fab. I almost never touch the projects I take with me on the road but that doesn't stop me from packing them. YOU NEVER KNOW. :)

  16. What a wonderful vacation! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics.
    I love your LK finish!

  17. Looks and sounds like a fantastic road trip!! I stitched very little on or family vacation this year too....just felt better to spend time with the boys.

  18. Nice pictures of your vacation and a finish. I love the doll.

  19. Great vacation pics and love the snowman finish.

  20. What a sweet doll! Loved your pictures of your trip!

  21. Great pictures! I love seeing new sights, thank you for sharing! I like to take a new holiday piece too, but struggle to get the stitches in when there's so much to see as well. Great finish!

  22. Oh Karen!!! Your trip was fantastic!! I love all the sights....You and DH take the best vacations!!! I especially like the picture of the nice tall glass of spirits that included a slice of lime and a little salt on the rim.....hmmm.... Love those!

  23. What a wonderful trip you took. Great pictures and memories to have forever!

  24. What a great travel guide! Um Hu - no wonder there was only one pic in Ft.Collins, CO. It looks cool and yummy! Love your new doll baby, too. Glad y'all had a good time - and see, stitching CAN wait.

  25. Love that part of the country - thanks for bringing up some great memories! Of course, you know I LOVE the snowman!

  26. I envy you your ability to stitch in the car. I've tried and just can't do it. My husband likes to sight see while driving so I have to keep an eye on the road anyway. :) Love the snowman! And it looks like you had some great food and scenery!

  27. Sounds like you had a great trip! travelling to new places is one of my favorite things. Love your new doll! Snowman is great. That is my list to stitch.

  28. It looks like you had a great vacation and your excuse for not stitching too much is perfectly valid.

  29. What a splendid trip you must have had, I love your little dolly.

  30. Beautiful pictures of your trip. Snowman is looking good and the doll a treasure.

  31. What a wonderful trip and your snowman is so cute.

  32. A gorgeous finish. I love this snowman. Great pictures from your vacation.

  33. Oh Karen, you are waking up some sweet memories with the pictures of your trip. It's nearly exactly the sme trip we were making a couple of years ago. And I'm still dreaming of it ...


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