Sunday, February 2, 2014

A new pin pillow....

Last year I admired a beautiful design June
was stitching and she was sweet enough
to let me borrow it once she had stitched it.
I finally decided to move this one to the
top of the pile and I am so glad I did.
Here are all of the stitched pieces
for my little pin pillow.
Jardin Prive "Carre d'Abeilles"
stitched on 32 ct. white linen w/ DMC
I am in love with the colors..... 
the pinks and greens are just perfect.
And there are bees.....what could be better?
Lovely little design for the sides.
When they all come together, you have
this wonderful little treasure.
Precious comes to mind when I look at this.
 I had the best idea to stitch my
initials and year on the back. remained just an idea.
remembered once I had stitched it together. 
Either way....I just love it!
~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~    *   ~
I was lucky to meet up with Charlene,
Faye, Nicole and Linda a few weeks
ago for shopping and stitching.  Faye
treated us to the cutest little pin
cushion.   I just love the little
pin with a wool penny decoration. 
~    *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
I am trying to keep track of my stitching
progress this year and here are my
efforts from January....

Scarlett House "Ann Topley"
started January 1, 2014
Dames of the Needle "Ode to Mary Needleroll"
started January 2013
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Thanks for visiting and I hope you
have a happy stitching week!


  1. You finished it!!! And, it's beautiful~ I love the bees..... Enjoy that pin pillow too....thanks for mentioning it ... How excited do you think Michele WA is right about now??!!:D

  2. Love your mattress pin pillow finish, its just devine!

  3. Karen your bee pillow looks fab, so does the rest of your beautiful stitching pieces . Have a great day hugs.

  4. gorgeous wee pillow love that pattern from June and the other you received is cute too :) nice to see your stitching progress photos too :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. Your bee pillow is beautiful! Love it!

  6. It is just beautiful Karen! I'd be so daunted by the finishing of it but yours is perfect! Love the WIP's you have going on at the moment!

  7. What a lovely pincushion. Gorgeous finishing.
    Your other January stitching looks great too!

  8. Your pin pillow is adorable! I love this kind of mattress pin pillow although I never tried one making myself.
    Wonderful WIPs too - I am looking forward to seeing them grow.

  9. The pin pillow is a dream!! Beautiful finish!

  10. Your pin pillow is so nice, I may have to add that to my wish list. Your other stitches are lovely!

  11. Oh fabulous finishing Karen. Great work.

  12. That pin pillow is just wonderful! Love seeing your stitching progress on your other pieces too!

  13. Beautiful finish, Karen! I really did LOL when you said you had a great idea but thought of it AFTER you put it all together. Haven't we all done that a time or two or three.... I have this in my stash and you've inspired me. Maybe I'll take this on my upcoming trip to work on! Well done, you!

  14. What a sweet pin cushion. Those colors just scream SPRING :)

    I look forward to seeing your progress on Scarlett House "Ann Topley" this is on my list of "to stitch"

    Glad you girls had fun. I hope to join you all next time.

  15. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Karen. I like your other projects as well.


  16. Oh Karen....the bee pincushion is absolutely sweeeet! You've finished it beautifully as well. So glad to see you post!

  17. Everything looks great. Nice finish on the bee pin cushion. Such a sweet design.

  18. Your pin cushion is beautiful Karen - love the colours and the lovely square shape of it. Brilliant.

  19. Your new finish is beautiful! And all the stitching you've done in January is great. I'm still plugging along on Eliza, but ready to get her out and on to something else! How about 70° today and 40° tomorrow? Crazy!

  20. Gorgeous mattress pillow Karen! The colors are lovely.

  21. Karen it is really pretty. It brings a smile to my face.

  22. I really love Nathalie's designs (Jardin Prive) and you did a really great job on that mattress pincushion! Gorgeous! Look forward to seeing your WIPs turn to finishes! Hugs!

  23. The pin pillow you finished is to die for!

  24. Karen every time I visit you completely inspire me. I adore your wonderful Pin Pillow. That is precious, you are right!
    Faye is kinder than kind and that is a sweet pin cushion. I love the ones I have made and know this sweet gift will be a wonderful addition to park your needle :)

  25. Lovely stitching update - love the pin pillow, such a gorgeous design.

  26. I too admired Junes finish, yours is just as special. A beautiful finish.

  27. The pin pillow is really cute. I stitched it for the stitched exchange at MB a couple of years ago, can't remember who got it. Great progress on your stitching. It is always good to meet up with other stitcher's.

  28. Oh! Your pin pillow is just the thing to cheer this dreary season! I wish I were working on just such a project myself right now. :)

  29. Karen, your bee pin pillow is gorgeous!

  30. I admired June's bee pillow too! I think it's one of the sweetest designs! Yours is lovely and perfectly finished! Faye's handiwork is amazing and there's always a little surprise like a wool penny!! Beautiful start on the SL sampler!

  31. This is a fabulous design and I love the bees especially. The colours are so pretty too.

  32. Pink and green is one of my favourite colour combinations. The pin pillow is gorgeous. I hope you had a wonderful time at your meet-up!
    Best wishes.

  33. Congrats on finishing the lovely pillow - so pretty!

  34. I absolutely love that pin pillow - the design is so pretty
    I have just added it to my must stitch list!! :o)

  35. The bee pin keeps is lovely. Did you finish the BTB piece from pals?

  36. I bought the pin keep pattern after seeing it here. I was wondering what size fabric you stitched it on - over 2? The English portion of the directions are confusing!!

  37. Hi Karen,
    How do you get the pattern and pay when the price is in euros?
    Thanks for the help. I'm talking about the pin cushion.


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