Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weird week in South Carolina....

Pax aka "Winter Mess 2014"
The week started with the impending visit
from Pax to South Carolina.  It is uncommon
that we get hit with snow and ice and this would
be the second time in two weeks.  We stocked up
on every possible junk food item needed to
weather the storm.  We received more ice than
snow and were so fortunate not to lose power.  
Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands were
not so lucky and they estimate there were still
100,000 without power as of this morning.  We
have several family members and friends who
have been out since Tuesday night.  I know the
utility employees are working hard to restore
everyone and I am praying
everyone will be back to normal soon.
~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
Thanks to Pax, we got three snow days and 
hubby  thought it would be a good idea to
get caught up on some household chores
These are a gift so I quickly declared them
"stitch days" and made the most of them.
The Primitive Hare "Love Never Fails" freebie
stitched on 32ct coffee dyed linen with
Victorian Motto
I stitched this cute freebie last weekend and got
the finishing done just in time for Valentine's.
Since I had the sewing machine out,
I finished these recent finishes off too.
Homespun Elegance "Majestic Bird"
 Summer House "Simple Abundance"
~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
I made good use of my stitching time on
Part 2 of Thirteenth Colony.
I was able to finish one page of the 4 page design.

 By The Bay "Thirteenth Colony-Part 2"
My last stitch was put in Friday night around
10:20 when hubby and I felt some rumblings.  
At first we thought we were crazy ... you know
that second you think "did that really happen?"
Lo and behold.... it was an earthquake.
There was a second aftershock this afternoon
but was too weak to be felt 60 miles away.
Needless to say, that just capped off one of
the weirdest weeks here.  Glad to see things are
getting back to normal and am actually looking
forward to going back to work tomorrow.
Hope you all have a great week and
happy stitching!


  1. Wow! Snow and ice -- and an earthquake? Yikes! I'm so so glad you kept your power! Hooray! Love all your stitching and finishing. Fantastic! The By the Bay piece is something I'd like to do sometime too.

  2. Weird weather week indeed! Glad you kept your power. I know it stinks when you loose it. Love your pieces. Majestic Bird may be my favorite it it's hard. They are all lovely.

    Keep on stitching!

  3. Great finishing! Wow, what weather! And an earthquake too!!

  4. I'm glad you didn't use the extra time for chores! I like your theory that the time was a gift and should be used that way.

    I hope everyone in your area has their power restored soon. It's been a weird winter for most of the country. Even where I am in Florida has been much colder than normal. It probably means our summer is going to be longer than normal and brutal!

    Great finishes!

  5. Once again some wonderful stitching and lovely finish on each. I think we are all getting strange weather this year, hugs.

  6. Glad to hear you guys came through the storm without losing power. Your finishes are lovely and The By The Bay piece looks great too.
    Have a great week!

  7. Snow, ice & hearthquake??? What is happening??
    We are sick of all the rain & storms here in UK, the country is flooded!!
    Love all your latest finishes, they are really sweet. Well done!!

  8. You got a lot done!!!! Amazing what we can do when we don't go to work! :D I know that rumble must've felt a little funny too..... Nice job, as always~

  9. Your finishes are beautiful! Love the Noel one with the birdie! I heard about the earthquake on the news last week... glad you did not have any property damage form it.

  10. What a week it was!! I am so thankful to not have lost power, we did lose some huge tree braches. I sure do feel for those still without power.
    Homespun Elegance "Majestic Bird" turned out great. I stitched this after seeing Fayes in Myrtle Beach :) And 13th colony, it is looking great,
    Wishing you a great week. Hope all is well

  11. So glad you didn't loose power, the SC stitchers have been close to my heart the last couple weeks. Cute finishes, excellent use of time for finishing. Wishing you a warmer, drier and more pleasant week to come:)

  12. You sure made excellent use of that stitch vacation! I love, love Love Never Fails! That's exactly how I felt when the rumble rattled my goodies. Glad we made it through with power! Are you looking forward to the 70° days?

  13. An EARTHQUAKE! whoa! I am from San Francisco, but when WE had one two summers ago, here in Virginia Beach, it FREAKED me out! They are not supposed to happen here...The next day we were traveling north and as I was surfing the internet on my phone to read about it, the car started weaving side to side, and we were driving in the middle of a rather large After Shock! THAT was weird! All of my growing years, I heard that California was going to be shaken off into the Pacific Ocean. Now, who knows? The world is experiencing some really strange stuff... Meanwhile, your stitching and finishing are perfect as always! Hugs!

  14. Lovely stitching and finishing on your little ornaments Karen.
    The weather is certainly weird at the moment all over the world.

  15. Three snow days?! Lucky you :) Looks like you put the days to great use, Karen--your finishes are as lovely as always :)

  16. Earthquake?! What a week! Congrats on all of your finished work for the week!

  17. Love all your ornament finishes. It was a great time to stay inside and stitch. We were ice bound for 3 days. Our front yard was a solid sheet of ice. As to the earthquake I didn't feel a thing. It's surprising because we are only 35 miles from Edgefield.

  18. Wonderful ornaments! What a storm! We got 3 days worth of it up here in NC. They said some people felt the earthquake here in our town but not here at our house.

  19. Wow you had an earthquake! That's common here in California Bay Area, but South Carolina! Your finishes are beautiful and I love your tidal wave sampler.
    Hope you thaw out soon. love Annette

  20. So glad you were OK in the storm. We lost our power (in PA) for almost 48 hours and considered ourselves lucky because many in our area were without for over 4 days. Great finishes--live Majestic Bird!

  21. What pretty finishes Karen :) And your 13th colony looking awesome!

  22. My goodness, the weather has certainly been playing up recently! I'm pleased to read you didn't have to endure any power cuts, fingers crossed everything goes back to normal soon. At least you made the most of the unexpected snow days, your finished items look great. Simple Abundance is my favourite, very charming.
    Best wishes.

  23. Beautiful stitching and finishing Karen.
    Our weather hasn't been kind either, its been some hot hot days at our end here and it's drying up our water at a very alarming rate.

  24. Beautiful stitching, we've not had snow here yet in Yorkshire UK but some predicted next few days x

  25. Beautiful finishes!

    It's the first day of Spring and we've had yet another snowfall here in Illinois. Ugh.


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