Sunday, August 3, 2014

Christmas in August.....

The mood to stitch Christmas struck me
this week and I thought ornaments would
be the perfect quick fix.  Lizzie Kate is
always a fun and quick stitch and
these little cuties were just that.
LK "Flora McSample 2012 Ornaments"
stitched on 32ct LL Toasted Almond
w/Victorian Motto threads
I decided on a simple finish for these ornaments
which didn't require my sewing machine.
~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
Once I got in the "finishing" frame of mind
I decided to finish two other Christmas
finishes that have been hanging
out for a few months.
I stitched this in December while
vacationing in Arizona.  I usually take
a LK design on vacation since they are
easy to pick up and put down while
traveling. I also love that I can look at
these designs and it brings back
great memories of our trips.
LK "Be Naughty"
stitched on 14ct mocha Aida with DMC
One of the things I love about LK
is the simplicity of her designs and
I really like stitching them on a
simpler fabric like 14ct using
DMC.  This is definitely one of my
favorites and I can't wait to quietly
display it in a side chair this
holiday season.
Since I had the sewing machine out I
finished this into a cute little ornament.
CHS "1999 Christmas Sampling"
stitched on Black 28ct evenweave over one
I wasn't too fond of the over one stitching
on black but I just love this ornament.
~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
Well...I am off to find some more
ornaments to stitch! All of WIPs are
pretty large right now so the quick
gratification from an ornament
finish is feeling good!
Thanks for visiting and happy stitching...


  1. Great! Loving your finish on that CHS ornament!

  2. What a nice bunch of finishes for you. Finishing is something I have to be in the mood for and that mood hasn't been around me for a long while. Glad you were able to finish so many. Each design is adorable. I know what you mean about Lizzie Kate designs. Great job.

  3. Gorgeous ornie finishes Karen.

  4. You may not have enjoyed stitching on the black fabric but WOW! It really makes a statement!

  5. Fabulous finished finishes, Karen! And I really like the one on the black fabric. Wow!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Those Lizzie Kate ornies are adorable! Love the other finishes as well!

  7. I appreciate your Aida stitch - my Mom is more comfortable stitching on Aida now after cataract surgery and you've made it very special with your finish.

  8. All of your goodies are just perfect Karen!!!! I love the stitches and the finishes.... Great job!

  9. Love your beautiful ornament finishes! All of them are very very pretty!!! The black one looks fantastic 1 over 1 - worth the extra effort:)))) love Annette

  10. A lovely collection of ornaments for the festive season, the over 1 on black looks superb.

  11. Fantastic finishes!! You can't go wrong with LK :)

  12. Very pretty!! I can't remember what it feels like to finish something!

  13. Love all of your ornaments and finishes. I am doing a project on black right now, and it has been a new adventure for me. It is aida, so easier to see. I like it! But will be traveling soon, so picking out a couple of ornaments too--less to hassle with! Hugs!

  14. Congrats on all the great finishes Karen.


  15. I love all your Christmas ornaments and the finishing. But the one on the black fabric is just stunning.

  16. Love each and every one, Karen! Your finishing is always so beautiful :)

  17. Stitching Christmas in July makes for great Christmas in December! I also like the black--challenging and beautiful

  18. Your ornaments all look gorgeous, I love LK designs too, they're so practical and fun :)
    Best wishes.

  19. Beautiful finishes Karen! Love that CHS ornie on black. I know what you mean about L*K designs. I love stitching them when time is short and life is hectic.

  20. I love the Lizzie Kate's. They are so cute. Everything looks great.

  21. Wonderful ornaments. Love the CHS one on black, so striking.

  22. I did all three of these a couple of weeks back. Nice to see different finished Karen. Really pretty.

  23. Lovely..though not quite ready for Christmas here!

  24. Great stitching and finishing! I'm impressed that you can remember where you were when you stitched a traveling piece :-).

  25. Beautiful stitches and great finishing
    I love them all

  26. What precious ornaments! I stitch many ornaments, so I was really thrilled to find your blog and this post! I have also made "Save Santa a Trip" and used some plaid ribbon, too!!! Too cute!
    I haven't blogged for a long time, but am enjoying visiting and discovering new blogs!
    Please drop by when you have a chance!

  27. What lovely stitching and finishing! There's something nice about stitching Xmas stuff at any time of the year!

  28. After looking at all of your great finishing, I might just have to get out my sewing machine! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!

  29. I'm terribly LATE in responding Karen, I'm so sorry...but I must say....GORGEOUS!!! Top to bottom, stunning and wonderful :) You never cease to hit every bell and toot all my whistles with your gorgeous stitching and finishing!


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