Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let it snow.....

Christmas stitching continues and
I needed something "cool" to
deal with the hot temps here in
the sunny South this week. 
A fellow blogger...can't remember who...
posted a link to a freebie for these
snowflakes and they were exactly
what I was looking for.
Freebie--Estonian Snowflakes
stitched on 32ct natural linen
w/ Victorian Motto
I had some of the MCG Linen in my stash
and thought this would be a great way
to use it.   It is very rough and not a
pleasant fabric to stitch on but I a
m happy with the finishes.
I toyed with the idea of stitching them twice
so that I could finish both sides into
an ornament with a beaded edge.
Of course my "laziness" reared its ugly
head and I settled with a motif from
each for a simple back finish.

The imperfections of this fabric made
the beading more difficult and the
edges look "sloppy".  That's okay...
they will still be great new
additions to my Christmas tree.
~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
Christmas stitching continues and I
hope to be back soon with three more
Yuletide finishes Plum Street. 
Hope you are staying cool and
enjoying the last of summer. 
Happy stitching....


  1. Love your finishes! I don't think your edges look sloppy at all.

  2. Really pretty Karen, The beading looks great. I see you have the christmas bug to. :)

  3. I posted these snowflakes a couple weeks ago, but thanks really needs to go to Carol at Stitching Dreams who posted them originally last year : ) I love how you made them into little pillows! Great job!

  4. you are way ahead of me lady! I have not even started on Christmsa stitching though I should start. We need to get together soon and visit. Take Care

  5. These are adorable! Great job on the finishing and thank you for the link!

  6. As always your finishes are just truly stunning! I love them!!

  7. Lovely stitching they look wonderful.

  8. Super little collection of pretties.

  9. Sloppy? Your stitching and finishing never ever looks sloppy. They look perfect, and I just love how you finished them! Lovely choices!

  10. Beautiful stitching and finishing. Can't see anything sloppy about them!

  11. Gorgeous finishes - not sloppy at all! I look forward to seeing them on your tree! :0)

  12. Great stitches Karen, your tree will look gorgeous this year :)
    Best wishes.

  13. wow those are wonderful! I'm off to go get those charts! The finishing looks great too!

  14. You're filling up that tree, aren't you? They look really pretty, Karen - Great job!

  15. Love each and every one, Karen! Your finishes are always so pretty :)

  16. They look pretty perfect to me Karen - nice job! Love the beaded edges. I can't believe how this year is flying by I know it's going to be Christmas-time before I know it. There went all my ambitious plans to stitch more ornies this year...........

  17. They are all lovely finishes and will look great on your tree!

  18. I think your edges look fine in the photos; they won't be noticeable on the tree either.

    I'm always so glad to see you post; your work inspires me to get stitching.

  19. No sloppiness there!! They are all lovely :)

  20. They look lovely Karen! I stitched those Estonian snowflakes ages ago and posted a link but I think the person you are thinking of is Carol from Stitching Dreams :D


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