Sunday, June 5, 2016

Where has the time gone....

I'm still here!  Once again I have let time
get away from me and neglected my blog.
I have been busy stitching in 2016 and will
be back to share some favorites.

For now I want to share some wonderful finishes
from the Carolina Stitcher. Last year
I stitched these wonderful designs
from Jeannette Douglas and decided to have them
finished into project bags.  All were stitched on
40 count PTP linen & were the perfect size. 

Now I can enjoy them all of the time 
while I'm stitching away.

Wool Willi

Devoted Dorothy

Humble Hilda

Alphabet Annie

Nimble Netty

Button Betty

Prim Penny

Modest Mildred

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to be back
soon with some more stitching.
Until then....happy stitching!


  1. The bags are great! Be sure to show us the projects that will go in them.

  2. Wow! You are back! Very, very nice.

  3. Good to have you back beautiful bags .

  4. Your stitching and Faye's bags make a fabulous combination. So, what projects do you have in those bags? Have a wonderful day!

  5. Love the bags karen. Can't wait to see what you hAve been stitching

  6. You and Faye make a great team, Karen--love each and every one :)

  7. Beautiful stitching and finishing.
    The pouches look great.

  8. Hi there! Faye does some amazing work--they all look wonderful!

  9. The bags compliment your stitching so well. You both did amazing work.

  10. These pieces are so lovely - and what a great idea for the finishing. These project bags are just gorgeous.

  11. These project bags are marvellous. I already saw them on Faye's blog but did not realize that they were stitched by you.
    "Humble Hilda" of course is waiting in my stash for her realisation too, haha!


  12. Your stitching is wonderful. It's so great that you will be able to enjoy each piece in its own stitching bag. Perfect!

  13. Wow, they're awesome Karen! Great stitching and Faye did a great job with the finishing!


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