Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Catching up: Finally June....

Yes....I am officially caught up on my
stitching endeavors over the past months.
Thank you for all of your wonderful
comments and for sticking with me.

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June stitching was limited with a week
away for vacation, food poisoning,
just summer fun that takes you outside
and, of course, some summer stitch-alongs.

First up....was Whine and WIPS.
The  Stitchmaynia Facebook group was 
sponsoring this event for June.
Simple....work on something
that makes you whine.
It can be something that makes you
whine when you stitch it or makes you
whine when you can't stitch it.

I chose a WIP that has been languishing
since December 2013.  I love this
design and I bought the project after seeing
the model at The Attic Needlework
during a trip.  I bought the supplies,
came home and promptly started it.   
What about this beautiful design
makes me whine????

*****    40ct black linen  *****

OMG....I have the brightest light I can take,
wear 2 pair of readers and I still have a
difficult time distinguishing those little
holes.  This was a good excuse to
bring it back out and work on it. 

I did give it the old college try and made
great progress on the border. 
This is where I started.....

Scarlett House "Ann Topley"
stitched on 40ct with recommended threads

And this is where I have ended up.....

I can't promise every stitch is over 2
holes but I don't see any glaring
mistakes.  I have made myself work on this
in hopes it would spur a finish but I
just can't take it anymore. 
So away it has gone again.  

I will keep plugging away and know
eventually I will finish it & love it. 

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

Cross Stitch Finish Line on Facebook
was also hosting a stitch-along that sounded fun.  

Vintage SAL required you start or
stitch a design that was from the 90's o
r earlier.  Having stitched and stashed
for 30+ years, I had tons in my stash
that would fit this bill.   I decided to
finally start something I have loved
from the first day I saw it.

The Heart's Content "Rose Marriage Sampler" 
circa 1990
stitched on 40ct Lakeside Linen with DMC

I just love this design and figured I should get
going on it after 22 years of marriage. 

My start was meager but at least I have it
started now so I have no excuse to not stitch it.
Hopefully I will have it done by
our 25th anniversary.

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~ 

My Prairie Schooler alphabet design 
this month is my sixth and that
means I am at least 20%
done with this project. 

Prairie Schooler "S*T*U"
stitched on 40ct Lakeside Linen with
recommended DMC

All six designs so far....

I still love stitching it and this is one I
want to be completed now....
oh well, back to stitching.

~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~

And lastly...
I had two finishes just under the wire.
Both were Stitchmaynia starts
and both were a joy to stitch.

WTNT "Grand Olde Flag"
stitched on 40ct PTP Sand with
Victorian Motto thread conversions

The Drawn Thread "Free and Brave"
stitched on 32ct PTP Legacy with
Victorian Motto thread conversions

I use a lot of Victorian Motto thread...
I have built up quite a collection
and just love it.
Many have asked about how I convert
designs to Victorian Motto and it
is quite simple.   I just compare them to
the model picture or DMC conversion
(if available) and just pick the colors I like.
Sometimes it works and sometimes
I am constantly changing my mind
until I find what I like.

If you haven't tried Nancy's thread,
I urge you to give it a try. 
It such a great bargain
and the colors are beautiful.

~    *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
Hopefully I will be able to keep up
with more timely posts.
You can find me on Instagram daily too at


I love seeing everyone's stitching
progress so if you are on Instagram,
please let me know in a comment so
I can make sure I am following you.

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For those in the States, I hope you
had a nice, relaxing July 4th.

As always thanks and happy stitching....


  1. It was fun to read all your catch up posts and see all you've been up to. 40ct black fabric -- yikes! I think I have a similar project, but the fabric isn't pure black. Close enough though! Definitely a what was I thinking project! Love your finishes, and the PS Alphabet is looking great!

  2. When you are stitching on the black fabric do you have a white cloth on your lap. That helps with seeing the small holes a little easier. Very nice stitching. I love the PS alphabet. I have the set and trying to figure out how I want to do it.

  3. I enjoyed reading your catch up posts and see all your pretty projects. Such a lot accomplished! I loved your last two patriotic pieces but equally like the Prairie Schooler alphabet and the Rose Marriage Sampler and food poisoning.....oh how dreadful. Enjoyed reading about the "whine and WIPS".....I know I have some I could whine about for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What wonderful projects. I share your pain of stitching on black. I moaned and groaned about it all last year as I stitched A Year in Chalk. And those were simple!

    I am on Instagram but am bad about posting. I will try to improve and look for you.


  5. Another great post, full of a lot of stitchy goodness! I did NOT enjoy stitching on black fabric last year either... tho it was not 40-count! It's quite a challenge! You have done some beautiful projects... Thanks for sharing!

  6. Black fabric is a beast but it looks good. I love the border on your marriage picture!

  7. That black sampler is stunning. Your patriotic pieces are pretty. I too love Nancy's threads.

  8. Wow! I love both of your patriotic stitches, looking forward to seeing how you finish them. I like the idea of a vintage SAL, nice project BTW. The black is such a pretty stitch. I hope you will be able to work on it periodically. Sorry you were ill, glad you feel better now.

  9. Yikes, 40ct black! I get a headache just thinking about it! Love your WIPs, finishes, and especially the PS alphabet. Are you sure you're done catching up? I mean how about new stash? Lol. I'll just go back to the catch up posts and read them again! Have a nice week.

  10. All your stitching is lovely; the catching up posts have been inspirational! Another idea for stitching on dark fabric, besides the white cloth on your lap, is placing a table lamp on the floor sort of between your legs with the shade off. That will shine some light up through those nearly invisible holes!

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed reading June's catch up post! Perhaps a light box would help with the black fabric. Both of your patriotic projects are beautiful as are your WIPs. I look forward to seeing more updates down the road.

  12. You are braver than me with that 40ct black....the progress you did get done looks great though. I love all your new starts. Hoping you are enjoying your summer so far. Have a great day :)

  13. Oh, that black WIP is gorgeous, Karen! I've never tried stitching on 40ct black, but have done over one on 28 ct. black--will have to give it a try. Really love your patriotic finishes, too!

    Hope your July stitching is going well :)


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