Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Finishes....

43--Jardin Prive "My Lady's Quaker"
42--Gazette 94 "Heart" freebie
41--"Glory to God" ornament '02 SANQ
40--Earth Threads "Band Sampler" JCS 98
39--JD "Bell Ornament" JCS 08 Preview
38--LK "Joy Peace Love" ornament (8)
37--BBD "Noel" ornament-Exchange
36--BBD "Sweet Heart"
35--LK "Christmas Is..."
34--Leta Sullins "Floral Sampler"
33--BBD "Moonlit Garden"
32--"Boo Quaker" freebie
31--Triology "Tricky Treats"
30--SB "She Tends"
29--HE "Autumn Welcome"
28--JABC "Winds of Autumn"
27--BC "Autumn Zipper"
26--SB "Be Witch"
25--HE "Autumn Time"
24--Diane Williams "Joy in the Journey"
23--B&C "Petite Rainbow Row"
22--BBD "Evergreen"
21--BC "Here Comes the Sun"
20--BC "Summer House"
19--Sunflower Samplings "You May Delay"
18--CS "Briar Rose Sampler"-JCS 1990
17--Ornament-"Needleworker's Pocket-03 JCS
16--Ornament-"Poinsettias & Pines"-98 JCS
15--Ornament-"Reindeer Garden"-00 JCS
14--BOAF "No Bees No Honey"
13--LK Flip-It Stamp: April
12--BBD "Autumn Bouquet"
11--La D Da "Old Glory Angel"
10--La D Da "Bushel & Peck"
9--LK Flip-It Stamp: March
8--La D Da "Act Justly"--UFO 2006
7--LK Friends Make Life Sweeter
6--Jeannette Crews "Old Glory"-UFO 2005
5--BC Seasons of Change
4--Ornament- Tudor Rose-99 JCS
3--Ornament-SB Noel-99 JCS
2--Winter Sampler-freebie
1--PV "Pink Ribbon"--UFO-1998

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Lady's Quaker finished....

First, thanks for all of your comments on my recent ornament finishes. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and found some time to stitch. I certainly did.

Finally, I finished one of my last WIP/UFOs for the year....

"My Lady's Quaker"--Jardin Privé
Stitched on 28 ct. evenweave & DMC 930/932

I made several unintentional "alterations" to the original design (i.e. mistakes I was too lazy to rip out!) and believe this resulted in my lack of interest in finishing it. After seeing it in my basket Tuesday, I decided I really needed to finish before the new year so stitch I did. I do like the colors and hope to hang in my bedroom once framed.

A freebie finish too....

Stitched on 22 ct. hardanger w/ DMC 321

Designed by Gazette 94

Amy gave us this little freebie and I thought it would be perfect for this little frame I found at the Dollar Store. I was able to stitch it while traveling over the holidays and it was a quick stitch. After stitching it, I wished I had stitched it on red fabric with white thread. I may go back and stitch it again since I do have red 22 ct. hardanger in my stash. I really like the frame and will probably go back for more.

Lastly, my Christmas gift.....

My hubby (to his surprise) gave me some Blackbird Designs & BOAF designs (count 'em.....10 wonderful designs) that I have been looking for. Actually, I was able to purchase the lot from a nice lady and decided it would be the perfect gift from my hubby, though he didn't know it. The best part is I got exactly what I wanted and he didn't have to stress over what to get me! Perfect don't you think????

I have spent the last couple of days also organizing my stash and making my 2010 Stitching List, which will be out the window by the second week most likely! I still amaze myself each year with the amount of stuff I still have to stitch and think I need to stick to my "stash diet" for the new year. Unfortunately, visiting all of your stitching blogs makes it very hard but I am going to try...we'll see how that goes!

Off to visit your blogs and do some stitching. Wishing all of you happy stitches in the new year.....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve finishes....

Now that my holiday break (8 glorious days) has begun, I found some time to finish a few ornaments just in time for Christmas...

Jeannette Douglas "Bell Ornament"--2008 JCS Ornament Preview Issue
Earth Threads "Mini Band Sampler"--1998 JCS Ornament Issue

I stitched the Bell Ornament a few nights ago. The Mini Band Sampler has been a UFO for a few years and I found it yesterday while organizing my stash. I almost put it to the side, but made the decision to go ahead and finish it, which took all of 30 minutes!

"Glory to God" from Christmas Ornament Trio--SANQ Winter 2002 (Issue 29)
Designed by Barbara Jackson of Tristan Brooks Design

I love this one!!! I started this earlier this fall and never finished it. Again, I found while cleaning and decided to go ahead and finish it. I did change the colors since the original called for silks and were a little more muted. I used DMC and made the colors a little brighter (almost springy). Interestingly enough, all three have a lamb and remind me more of Easter than Christmas. Needless to say, I love the way this one came out and will definitely stitch the other two designs, "Peace on Earth" and "Goodwill to Men".

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! Happy stitches...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Beautiful surprise from Amy.....

Waiting in my mailbox tonight was this beautiful ornament from Amy and my heart is smiling.....

I love the color, fabric and finishing! She is a beautiful stitcher and always does such a great job finishing so it is a treat to have one her pieces.

Amy has become a great friend this year and I definitely consider myself lucky! She (and her nice hubby) are so gracious to open their house often for Saturday stitch-alongs. I will truly treasure this ornament for years to come.

Merry Christmas and merry stitches....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

LK Ornament finish times 8.....

Whew...I finished them just in time!

LK "Peace*Joy*Love"
2002 JCS Ornament issue
18 ct aida w/DMC

Back of ornament

I decided a few weeks ago that I would stitch my staff an ornament. Since there are eight, I had to pick something quick, simple, and that I wouldn't get sick of after the second finish! I change the colors and decided to finish them with a beaded edge after Staci's wonderful post about her beaded edges. Let me say...I have a new finishing technique and best of all it doesn't require the sewing machine! I am proud to say they are wrapped and ready to go...truly a first for me!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season thus far and many happy stitches!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stitching pals get-together....

Whew...what a busy weekend I had. Four parties in three days....if I am not in the holiday spirit by now it is my own fault! Saturday was the best, though, as I got to spend the day with some great stitching buddies. Amy hosted myself, Faye, Nicole, Myra, Lynn, & Miriam. I had the best time just "decompressing" with chatter and laughter. We had some great food and goodies too!

We had an ornament exchange and I recieved these two beauties.....

Stitched by Nicole

Stitched by Amy

We also had a gift exchange and Amy had my name. I love finishing supplies and she included some great goodies! She also gave us the little red sewing tin with a free design and the thread.

I just love buttons, fabric and ribbon, but the mesh tote she gave me is too cute! Now I have no excuse to finish some of my ornaments.

Another great surprise was from Faye. At the Pals Retreat back in October a group of us decided to do an exchange and Faye had my name. She stitched this wonderful Christmas design and I love it!

Faye likes prim just like me and she did such a great job with the finishing. I forgot to take a pic of the back, but it has buttons on it, which just fit it perfectly. It is already displayed on my hutch and may have a permanent home there!

Amy and Nicole have some wonderful pics on their blogs too. I have to mention Amy's Christmas trees....yes trees! They were so pretty and full of stitched ornaments. I have to say it was very motivating and I just wanted to get home and start stitching!! Oh well..maybe next Christmas. to stitch a bit. Happy stitches to you!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the way to see the Tigers play....

Here's my favorite Tiger with my other favorite Tiger, C.J. Spiller

We are off to Tampa in the morning to see the Clemson Tigers play for the ACC championship! Hubby and I are so excited, though I am not looking forward to the long 9-hour roadtrip. I just have to keep telling myself how much uninterrupted stitching time that will be.

Yes, I have been stitching too.....

Lizzie Kate design from JCS ornament issue

I made a last minute decision that I would give my staff an ornament for Christmas. Still need to stitch 5 more and whip them together...thank goodness I picked such a simple design.

I can't believe I only posted twice in November...however, it only felt like 2 days in the entire month! Boy...that went by fast. I am now starting to feel the stress of the holidays since we have decorated or bought the first gift. Oh well...maybe Santa will bail me out this year. Hope you have great weekend and many happy stitches....

Go Tigers!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some finishes & TUSAL...

First...thanks for all of your wonderful comments on the LK pillow. I really do appreciate them and they made my heart smile! Gotta love stitching friends.
Now... on to the important stuff!

La D Da "Merry Christmas"
JCS 2009 Ornament issue
Stitched on 32 ct. linen

My first ornament from this year's issue. I loved this has such a "vintage postcard" look. I did change the colors since I wanted to stitch it on white linen. I did have a little boo boo while pressing it. I used a little too much steam trying to get the hoop marks out. The end thread bleed. I still love it, though, and the best part, it is for me so it's just fine! Don't know if you have seen Corinna's version on chocolate linen, but I love it! I dug out a piece of chocolate linen from my stash so I am stealing her color scheme and stitching it again.

BBD "Sweet Heart" from "Joyeux Noel"
25 ct. light green linen w/misc Valdani threads

I also stitched this sweet design a couple of weeks ago and plan on finishing it into a small heart shaped pillow . I love their model using overdyed chenille trim and think I will give it a try. I just love this book and hope to stitch a few more of the smaller designs before Christmas. It has some great non-stitching projects in it so I suggest you check this one out if you haven't already!


Again, I am late on posting my monthly progress for the TUSAL. Can't really tell but the top is full of little fuzzies from my latest night of frogging. I have been working on one of SB stocking designs and I just couldn't decide if I liked a top row of swirls. After stitching and frogging twice, I decided I would leave them off. Hopefully I will be adding some more ornament threads soon!

Happy stitches....

Friday, November 6, 2009

LK Exchange sent....

I heard from Janet that she had received my package for the Lizzie Kate Exchange....

Lizzie Kate "Friends Are Like" redesigned
Stitched on 28 ct. light green evenweave w/DMC

Back fabric

It had to go all the way to Malaysia so I was so happy to hear it made it. I Y love Y the way this little pillow turned out! I made the pillow from two fabric samples I had on hand and matched the thread and fabric to match. This pillow finish was a first for me and I just love it! I have to tell you was very hard to let this one go but my heart is smiling since Janet likes it. I have more of these coordinating fabric samples and plan on going through the pile to make some more!

If you like Lizzie Kate, you should head on over and check out the
Lizzie Kate Exchange Blog. This has been one of my favorite exchange groups and all of the finishes are just wonderful! You can find some great ideas.

Thanks for looking....happy stitches....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

F&S Halloween Exchange sqaures...

Homespun Elegance "Pumpkins' A Plenty II"

These were waiting in my mailbox this afternoon from Melita. I love Homespun Elegance and will probably finish these into a small pillow. Happy stitches.....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pals Fall Fling....

This was my first trip back to the Pals Fall Fling since the first year in 1998. It was fun meeting so many stitchers I felt like I have known forever through cyberspace. Although I had my camera, I didn't think to take many pictures! Oh well.... I did want to share some pics of the class projects and exchanges!

Friday ......

Friday was a finishing class where Amy taught us how to make a strawberry emery. This was fun and I can see many more finishes using this technique. Stephanie FL then showed us how to make some cute floss tags using wooden shapes and scrapbook paper. The afternoon was then spent making a paperbag memory album. This was great and a nifty idea. Here are a few of my classmates sharing their creations...

Friday night.......
was the Pals Grab Bag and Christmas ornament exchanges. This was so much fun and some very creative packaging. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics! I received Linda-NC's package and it was a treat!

There were so many wonderful treats in the package but my most favorite are the beaded scissor fob and needle markers Linda made. They are so cute and I immediately started using the scissors! Second is the wonderful kit from the Remember the Ladies series that contain the Kreinik Silk Mori in the Milkpaint colors. They are so delicate looking and I can't wait to use them. Thanks again Linda!

I was able to make 5 ornaments for the exchange and here are a few pics.

The five ornaments I chose.....

These were stitched by Amy, Amy, Faye , Avona FL and Shelleen.

Shelleen and Faye were housemates and I have followed there blogs for awhile so it was nice to have one of their ornaments. Surpisingly, I also picked two of Amy's ornaments and was happy since she has become a good friend this year.

If that wasn't enough, I also won a giveaway from buying a grab bag of charts from DSL.
Saturday night....
was the stitching exchange and Halloween ornament exchange.

I stitched a scissor slide and fob from a freebie from My Big Toe Designs.

I received Donna's exchange ....isn't this snowman too cute?

For the Halloween exchange I was lucky enough to choose Toni-IL ornament. I love this cute pumpkin and the backing fabric is too cute!

I stitched two designs from LK "Fall Crazy" and Toni-IL chose my ornament!


I did stitch and actually finished this before leaving Myrtle Beach.

LK "Christmas Is....." stitched on 28 ct. linen with WDW.

It was so much fun and I am so tired! I was amazed how little sleep these stitchers could operate on ...... I just couldn't hang that late every night. It was also great meeting fellow stitching bloggers Carolyn and Beth too. Beth was also housemate also and was too funny!

Well...better get back to laundry and unpacking. Can't wait until next year!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Giveaway, Pals Fall Fling & TUSAL....

First....head on over to Pumpkin Patch Primitives for a fabulous fabric giveaway. You have until Oct. 31st to sign up and it is definitely worth it the trip!

I am busily getting ready for the Pals Fall Fling at Myrtle Beach and can't wait to head down on Wednesday! I almost have all of my exchanges ready to go and still have to decide what to take to stitch. I don't want to spoil the surprise so thought I would share the backs. Amy did the finishing for me on the stocking and I love the way it turned out! The design matches the fabric perfectly and she left me enough so that I can make another one for myself.

I got some inexpensive finishing forms from Down Sunshine Lane for these two and the finishing was so super-duper easy! I will definitely be getting some more of these!

I leave you with my TUSAL posting for this month. I am always a day late (and dollar short) but here it is....
My little chicken looks like Hellraiser with all of the pins sticking out of his head. I have been busy this month and hope my little jar can make it to the end of the year. Surprisingly, I discovered today I probably have half this much on the floor by my chair (guess my aim could be a little better!) The same amount of cat hair will prevent me from adding it to the jar so I guess it is time to vacuum.

Happy stitches and thanks for visiting....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freebies, fabric and finish.....

First....the freebies!

Look at the wonderful package I received today! I was one of the lucky winners in the latest giveaway at Blackbird Designs blog. Oh my....I am so excited since they are one of my favorite designers. I especially love the "Joyeux Noel", which has some wonderful designs.

Second....the fabric!

If that was not enough, my postman left me another great little package. Thanks to a gift certificate, I was able to purchase the fabric for "Frederika"...Lakeside Linens 40 ct. Pearled Barley. This is my first time stitching on 40 ct., but Amy and Nicole love their linen so I decided to bite the bullet. Now I just need to start!

Third.....a finish!

Small Floral Sampler stitched on 28 ct. linen with GA & WDW

I finished this cute little sampler over the weekend. (Well almost...I noticed while posting that I forgot to stitch the bird's beak...oops!) I was looking for something simple to start and finish quickly. The design is from "Old Samplers-Book 2" from Leta Sullins. I have had this booklet for ages and love some of the designs so I hope to stitch a few more.

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on Moonlit Garden and visiting my blog! It makes my heart smile! Well...time to blog hop and hopefully get some stitches in. Happy stitches....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

LK Exchange from Pirjo....

Waiting in my mailbox tonight was this wonderful package from Pirjo. This is the cutest design and I love the colors!I don't have it in my stash so that makes it extra special. Forgot to take a pic of the backing fabric but it has falling leaves that match perfectly. I have already added to my fall decorations.

This was a nice ending to a good but sad day as we attended the funeral for a lady who was very special to my husband as a child and teenager. Growing up in the South, we both had special ladies who helped our moms with the housework and babysitting while they worked. It was almost like having a second grandmother. Verdell was in Andy's life from the time he was a small child up through his college years. Though they had lost touch over the recent years, it was nice remembering the special memories he shared with her and how she impacted his life. It definitely makes you think about family and not taking for granted anytime we can spend together.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BBD "Moonlit Garden" and some stash....

BBD "Moonlit Garden"
32 count Natural linen w/recommended WDW fibers

This was a great stitch...not sure why I took a two week hiatus from it. I pulled it back out this weekend and put the last stitch in earlier this evening. I just love the fall colors and it is even a favorite of hubby's. Hopefully I can frame it soon so I can enjoy it all of the time.

Now....the good stuff!


I was lucky enough to win a Big Brother pool recently and my prize was a gift certificate to Down Sunshine Lane. Amy recently had a great sale and I was able to whittle down my "wish list" a little! My favorite has to be CHS' "Frederika" and I just don't know how much longer I can resist the urge to start it. I just love the colors!

Thanks for all of the great comments on my recent finishes! Thanks for visiting my small part of the universe and if you leave a comment, I would love to visit yours!

Happy stitches....

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

F&S Halloween...

Melita let me know she received my squares and I wanted to share a pic...

adapted from Drawn Thread "It's Halloween"

I just love the little witch's hat! Thanks for looking! Happy stitches.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If the Shoe fits.....

How cute is this design???? I found this little freebie last week and couldn't wait to stitch it.

Stitchwiz "If the Shoe Fits..." stitched on 18ct Aida w/ DMC

I had planned to make an ornament but couldn't decide on the fabric so I used both and made this little pillow!

Next up....

Since I didn't have enough Halloween and I have a huge piece of orange Aida, I stitched this freebie from the Sampler Girl...

"Boo Quaker" stitched on 14ct Aida w/DMC

I can't decide how to finish this...any ideas? I would love some suggestions since I am stumped!


I thought I would share my progress on "My Lady's Quaker". I picked it up for a few hours this past weekend and made some progress. I love the colors and need to get this finished so I can start the Gentleman!

I just got some new stash from Down Sunshine Lane and I am dying to start some of it!!! I will persevere, though, and make myself finish My Lady's Quaker and BBD "Moonlit Garden".

Thanks for looking and all of your comments! Happy stitching...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harvest Time Exchange to share....

I got a sweet email from Maggee that she had received her Harvest Time Exchange and wanted to share a pic. It is a combination of BC's "Blessings Abound" and "Pumpkin Flower" designs. I really liked the finishing on this one, even if I say so myself, and loved the way it turned out. May have to stitch one for me!

Well...back to some more Halloween stitching!

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Tricky Treats", TUSAL and dribble....

You can never have enough Halloween so I stitched this the past couple of nights and love this design.

Trilogy "Tricky Treats" kit

I will probably finish as a little ornament if I can find the right fabric. I liked the sentiment so much, I decided to make a little "Tricky Treats" goodie jar using some of my Halloween paper. Take an empty (very clean) nut container, attach some cute Halloween paper, and make a cute little tag. Voila...I have a neat little treat for my desk at work.

I have some more cute Halloween/Autumn paper and can't wait to make some cards, tags and Halloween crackers. Just need to find a quiet afternoon to create!

Lastly, it is the new moon and time to share this month's progress on the TUSAL.

Well....this post is my 100th post....oh how time flies when you are having fun! I have almost been blogging for a year and can't believe all of the wonderful stitchers I have found in cyberspace. I have learned so much looking at other stitchers' blogs and thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments! I do appreciate them and love visiting your blog too!

Off to bed....I had vowed to turn in early tonight but the stitching won out. Early morning tomorrow as we are heading to Clemson for some football....yeah! Hope you have a great stitchy weekend.