Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New life for my UFO....

Thanks to Caroyln, I found this new UFO blog and just had to join. My first UFO of choice......

Shepherd's Bush "Herb Gatherer"

This is my oldest UFO (well...that I really want to finish), which dates back to the summer of 1998, and will have my undivided attention every Friday night. This was a birthday gift that year from DH and I loved the design. Not quite sure why I never finished it. Actually, I didn't get very far on it before it became a UFO......oh well. Hopefully this new blog will motivate me to finally finish it!

Got a UFO that needs some attention and you need some motivation? Head on over and check it out. There is still some room left if you would like to join!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nothing like a root canal....

on Monday a.m. to get your week going! Had a horrible weekend with a toothache and was finally able to get into the dentist this morning, which resulted in part one of a root canal! So happy to be pain free right now and back to the real world!

Anyway...I was able to pick up my framed Autumn Bouquet on Saturday and love it!

I have a spot in our kitchen where it will be displayed and our hope is to paint the kitchen dark red, which will match perfectly! Sadly it will take the place of my most favorite stitched piece, Linda Spivey's "A Time for Everything"...

I absolutely loved this design. I loved it so much I guess I didn't ever want to truly finish it. After it was framed and hanging, I realized I had not backstitched four of the leaves. It has been this way now for 11 years and it makes me smile everytime I see it. Makes it extra special to me and no one has ever noticed!

Lastly....again I am late posting my month's progress on the Totally Useless SAL, even though I have had to dig through it several times for a piece of the thread to finish some small part!

Well...back to finishing up my exchange stitching! Happy stitches.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BOAF Start and LK Finish ....

Thanks for all of your comments on Autumn Bouquet. I actually took it Saturday to be framed....figured hubby and I can go a week without eating to pay for it! Lord knows I could feed myself easily for a couple of weeks! is supposed to be ready by Saturday and I am so excited...I already have the perfect spot picked out and will share once I pick it up.

Now the stitching....

Birds Of A Feather "No Bees No Honey"

I have always loved this design and decided to move it to the top of my list once I spotted it ready to go in the "To Do" pile. The fabric is a little lighter than the model, but so far so good.

Lizzie Kate April Flip-It Stamp

I also had a small finish for the NH forum April SAL. I love these quick and easy stitches! I made it into a magnet to match February and March and can't wait to see the fridge when I have all twelve done! Hubby will just love that...not!!!

Spring Surprise

Lastly, I was able to finish the stitching for one Spring exchange and here is just a snippet! I really enjoyed the design I stitched and now need to work on finishing. Just got to decide how to finish it???? I still have one more exchange to stitch and hope to get some Christmas ornaments stitched before the end of the month. Only time will tell if I can acually get around to it.

Oh well...time for the Housewives of NYC...just love this show ....happy stitches!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BBD "Autumn Bouquet" & (re)new stash....

Stitched on Gold 22 ct hardanger over 2

I love this design and the way it turned out. I chose to use DMC instead of the hand-dyed threads and it gave the piece a "stamped" cross stitch look. I had the fabric and loved the color so decided to use it. I have a spot already picked out for it once I get it framed, which could be awhile due to the huge size!

Renewed stash.....

I am on a "stash diet", though I did cheat a couple of weeks by purchasing some back issues of Sampler & Antique Needlework. I decided to look through my SANQ issues, going back to 1999, and found so much I wanted to stitch. Just to share a couple....

This design also has beautiful bellpull using the medallions.

I just love this design but probably won't finish it as a sewing roll.

This just reinforces the fact that I definitely do not need to buy any new stuff and I have way more than I will ever need! I do need to get busy on some exchange stitching as well as my monthly ornaments so these will just have to wait. I have already fallen behind on my ornament stitching and hope to stitch and finish four this month to get back on track.


I have to thank Sue at the Blackbird Designs blog, who gave away this beautiful design, and I was the lucky winner. This definitely will be stitched as soon as I get the fabric needed! If you are big fan of Blackbird Designs, check out her blog and join us! You will definitely see some beautiful finishes.

I did celebrate the 12th anniversary of my 21st birthday this week and had a great one at that! I received some money and hope to buy some fabric/threads I need to get some projects going.

Thanks for looking and happy stitches!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Stimulus plan...

Souter--Storybook Favorites in CrossStitch

Above is just one of the many jewels you may find in my For Sale Album. I finally got the rest of my craft stuff out of storage and have posted some old charts for sale along with some stitchable stuff! You will also find some applique patterns! You can find some oldies but goodies.....well, maybe just some oldies but I invite you to take a look!

If you see something you are interested in, just send me an email (found in my profile). All prices are listed in the caption and are negotiable....maybe.

Thanks in advance for checking it out and check back often as I have plenty of other stitchable stuff to add! Will also be adding some rubber stamping stuff!

Happy stitching....

Monday, April 6, 2009

My first flatfold and an award....

Well...I finally did my first flatfold for a gift to a co-worker.

LK "Friends Make Life Sweeter"

It's amazing how clear the instructions become the instant you do exactly what you shouldn't have done! I followed Vonna's easy instructions and just need to hone my technique. It was a pretty easy finish and can't wait to make another!

I also received an award from Beth and am excited she thought of me. I am now supposed to pass it on to eight other wonderful blogs and the decision is just too tough! I visit and enjoy so many different blogs each day, I can't just pick eight so I proudly offer this to all of the blogs I enjoy each day! I do thank her for thinking of me!

I did get some stitching in on BBD "Autumn Bouquet" on Saturday and Sunday night. I will have to share pics next time. Until then...happy stitches!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Joy of Finishing.....

I finally got around to "finishing" some of the finishing I started this past weekend. All of the stitching is from prior years and has been patiently waiting in the "pile" (you know the one I am talking about)!

LK Flip-It "April"

I love these designs but but wanted to do something different to display them so I got the idea to stitch them on kitchen towels and then appliqued coordinating towels to display in my kitchen. I stitched this towel last year but just finished the others just in time to use for April! I love the way they are turning out and need to get busy on May!

LK "Love Letters"

I stitched this last year but couldn't decide how to finish so I opted for a little pillow. After stuffing, it looks a little "wanky" but I can live with it.

This one really looks "lumpy" and the more I stuffed and played with it the worse it got so I just stopped. It reminds me of a wiener dog and I have no idea how I will use it, but DH liked it. I may go back and add a hanger.

LK "Gather a Harvest of Love"

LK "Harvest Blessings"
BC "First Moon Colony"

Missing is my Christmas ornament for my monthly SAL. I had problems with my bobbin on my sewing machine as I was sewing it together and it turned out as a disaster as a pillow ornament. I think I can salvage the stitching and will have to figure out another way to finish it.

Oh well...I still have a few more things to stitch together and hope to get to them this weekend. On the down side, I have only stitched one night this week but hope to rectify that this weekend!

Thanks for all your comments and I truly enjoy visiting all of your blogs to see what you are stitching! I am amazed how many ideas I steal....I mean borrow from others! Oh to dreamland! Happy stitches.