Sunday, August 29, 2010

Playing with thread.....

Faye at Carolina Stitcher made some beautiful pincushions a couple of months ago and inspired me to do the same.   I decided I would dig through some of my threads I hadn't used and stitched these designs from two of my older magazines.

Stitched with Needle Necessities 116
Design from For the Love of Cross Stitch

Stitched with Needle Necessities 103
Design from For the Love of Cross Stitch

I bought a variety of Needle Necessities thread about 10 years ago from a needlepoint shop and they have just been sitting there all this time waiting to be used.  They are very nice to stitch with so I will be using these a little more in the future.

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I love playing with beads and have to admit I enjoyed making the marking pins as much as the pin cushions!  I can see more of these in my future!

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Thanks for visiting and all of your comments...I do love reading them.   Hope your weekend has gone well and happy stitching.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Me, Myself & I ornaments....

JBW Designs "Christmas Keepsakes II"
Homespun Elegance motif from "Merry Winter Bellpull"

I decided to take a break from the JCS Ornament issues and stitch some stuff from my stash.  I love the JBW ornaments and stitched two using DMC 115 and 94.  I loved the green and think I will be stitching these again.  I had an unfortunate accident with a water bottle and my Homespun Elegance ornament suffered the consequences ... oh well I still like the way it turned out.

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Thanks for all your wonderful comments on the Sparrow's Song.  It's amazing how much I have thought of my grandmama over the last few days.  I can vividly remember the smell of her house, the pictures on the wall, and the homemade straw broom that was always in the corner.  Oh how I wish I could spend another afternoon with her.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you are having a wonderful week and wish you many happy stitches!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goode Huswife "Sparrow's Song".....

Goode Huswife "The Sparrow's Song"
Stitched on 32ct. Lakeside Buttercream
w/ recommended DMC

I just love this design and Faye was nice to let me borrow it.  I finally finished it today after piddling with it for a few weeks now.  I was reminded of my grandmama the entire time I stitched.  She loved hymns and one of her favorite was "The Great Speckled Bird"....I can hear her singing it now.  In her memory, I stitched the year of her birth and her first inital. 

I picked up the Buttercream linen the last time at was at Amy's from Down Sunshine Lane and I love this linen!  The color is so soft and pretty.... I think it is my new favorite! 

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I have been very busy with work so I have been stitching ornaments for the upcoming Pals Fall Fling.  I don't know about all of you but I am definitely in the mood for some autumn and Halloween stitching! 

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Again....thanks for all of your comments on my most recent posts!  I do enjoy reading them and appreciate you visiting my small space on the web.  Hope you had a great weekend and happy stitching.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

LK Exchange and Stitching with friends...


Love the green fabric with those buttons!

I came home today to find my LK Exchange from April waiting in the mailbox.  It is a wonderful reminder that fall and Halloween will be here before we know it.  I don't have this design in my stash so I am so glad she stitched it for me.  The fabric is a pretty green and April chose her own threads, which I think she did perfectly.  Thanks for such a wonderful finish and exchange piece.

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I spent the best day with some stitching friends today and this is the pic my camera took from inside my bag!  Too busy talking and stitching, I forgot to take a pic but I know you may find a few on some other blogs.  Amy hosted the stitchin and we had a great time!  Stitching were Nicole, Faye, Yvonne, Carolyn, Charlene, Judy, Donna, Carrie, Linda, Myra, Lynn, Deborah, Debbie, Kathy, June, and Susan, who traveled all the way from Knoxville!

It was fun making some new stitching friends and catching up with the old ones.  We had some giveaways and each got to choose a Trail Creek design, thanks to Amy, and a fabric fat quarter, thanks to Susan.

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Well I am off to stitch some more!  Hope your weekend is going great and happy stitching....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seasonal Exchange from Mare.....

I had this wonderful tote bag waiting in my mailbox today from Mare for the Summer Seasonal Exchange. I will definitely put this to good use! I normally don't have too many projects going at one time, but have found over the last couple of months I have started more than I have finished. I keep switching my projects between my big bag. This bag is the perfect size to store my ornaments in waiting with all of my supplies and it fits perfectly in my big bag! No more sifting and sorting when I get ready to stitch.

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Design by the Stitcherhood

Thanks Mare for a wonderful exchange!

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There's been some stitching going on but not much.  Work is really crazy right now and I have spent too many nights working instead of stitching.  Hopefully there will be some relief soon!  We did go to my mom's river house this weekend and had a nice, relaxing time.  I will leave you with one my favorite treats from the river.....

Known as Frogmore Stew/ Beaufort Boil/ Lowcountry Boil .......... this is just plain good!

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Thanks for all of your comments on my
recent finishes and visiting my blog.
Happy stitching!