Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gotta love the $$$ Dollar Tree $$$....

Most of what I stitch is for myself and I love small, simple designs. I found a great 5*7 frame at the Dollar Tree that fit the Summer ABC's perfectly. After looking through my finished stuff, I found a few more stitched items that would fit in 5*7 frames. Back to the dollar store I went and for $4.00 I was able to finish four designs to display around the house or my office.

Lizzie Kate Summer ABC's
(Tip....I made the mat out of cardstock, which cost me pennies.)

Heart in Hand's Liberty House Sampler

Triology Friendship

Bent Creek Wahoo...Life is Good

I really love the way this one turned out. I glue rusted stars to a piece of cardstock to fill the small windows.

I have so much more to frame and need to locate a new framer since we have moved to another city. The little shop I used from my hometown closed last year. They were so good and very inexpensive so I know I will probably faint when I see how much it will cost to frame one item in our new town. However, I did make a commitment not to buy any new stash this year so I hope to use that savings to frame some of my favorite finishes. We moved in our house in September and I think we have maybe 5 prints hanging in the entire house... I could definitely use some more stuff on the walls. Oh well....back to stitching.


  1. Very very pretty!!!! I know I sure wish we had a Dollar Tree close by. We actually have a 'Dollar Depot',,,but believe me you are REALLY lucky to find ANYTHING for a buck. 98% of it is over a dollar.
    I really LOVE the way you did that last one!

  2. Karen great job on thos framing pieces. I too have several Dollar trees and have purchased several of these frames (but I keep stitching bigger pieces lol) I have used them for pictures...duh.. but will go back and check out if any of my UFO can use them..then to stitch... great idea and again great job.


  3. Those are great! I love the $$$ Tree as well! Great place!

  4. Nice finished and like the frames also!

  5. Those are great finishes. I never thought to look at the dollar stores - great tip!!

    I usually finish the pieces that I stitch right away - probably because it is such a rarity to complete a project - LOL!!


  6. omg! what a great deal on frames :) and everything looks great!

    hmmmm, got to find out if we have any of those stores here!


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