Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BOAF Start and LK Finish ....

Thanks for all of your comments on Autumn Bouquet. I actually took it Saturday to be framed....figured hubby and I can go a week without eating to pay for it! Lord knows I could feed myself easily for a couple of weeks! Anyway...it is supposed to be ready by Saturday and I am so excited...I already have the perfect spot picked out and will share once I pick it up.

Now the stitching....

Birds Of A Feather "No Bees No Honey"

I have always loved this design and decided to move it to the top of my list once I spotted it ready to go in the "To Do" pile. The fabric is a little lighter than the model, but so far so good.

Lizzie Kate April Flip-It Stamp

I also had a small finish for the NH forum April SAL. I love these quick and easy stitches! I made it into a magnet to match February and March and can't wait to see the fridge when I have all twelve done! Hubby will just love that...not!!!

Spring Surprise

Lastly, I was able to finish the stitching for one Spring exchange and here is just a snippet! I really enjoyed the design I stitched and now need to work on finishing. Just got to decide how to finish it???? I still have one more exchange to stitch and hope to get some Christmas ornaments stitched before the end of the month. Only time will tell if I can acually get around to it.

Oh well...time for the Housewives of NYC...just love this show ....happy stitches!


  1. can't wait to see Autumn Bouquet framed!!!

    lovely new start! that one will be fun to watch grow :)

  2. Love your Beez start - looking forward to seeing the framing job!

  3. Hi Karen! Love your new start! I've had this one kitted up for ages. One of these days I'll get to it. Love your LK finish too - it's so cute! Can't wait to see your spring surprise! :)

  4. Really pretty Bees design and a great start! Love the LK magnet...too cute! and can't wait to see more of your spring surprise!

  5. Love the bees!! Can't wait to see Autumn Bouquet framed, it always amazes me how different they look when they are done

  6. Can not wait to see your piece framed!!! Cute finish!

  7. Autumn Boquet is just beautifl!!! Looking forward to seeing more of the BOAF - no beez, too!

  8. I love no bees, will love seeing that one. And I guess if you've decided to starve your hubby for a couple of weeks that means I don't get to see Autumn on my cherry dresser, shucks. I do know it will be beautiful framed and you must show us where you put it.

  9. Love that "no bees. . ."

    I surfed over from Yoyo's site and I'm enjoying your blog.


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