Monday, April 27, 2009

Nothing like a root canal....

on Monday a.m. to get your week going! Had a horrible weekend with a toothache and was finally able to get into the dentist this morning, which resulted in part one of a root canal! So happy to be pain free right now and back to the real world!

Anyway...I was able to pick up my framed Autumn Bouquet on Saturday and love it!

I have a spot in our kitchen where it will be displayed and our hope is to paint the kitchen dark red, which will match perfectly! Sadly it will take the place of my most favorite stitched piece, Linda Spivey's "A Time for Everything"...

I absolutely loved this design. I loved it so much I guess I didn't ever want to truly finish it. After it was framed and hanging, I realized I had not backstitched four of the leaves. It has been this way now for 11 years and it makes me smile everytime I see it. Makes it extra special to me and no one has ever noticed!

Lastly....again I am late posting my month's progress on the Totally Useless SAL, even though I have had to dig through it several times for a piece of the thread to finish some small part!

Well...back to finishing up my exchange stitching! Happy stitches.....


  1. Autumn Bouquet looks amazing!!!! That frame is just perfect for it!!! Where will "There is a time for everything" end up hanging? That is a gorgeous piece too! Great progress on your TUSAL!!!

  2. Oh gosh! So sorry to hear about your toothache! Glad you're finally w/o pain!
    Autumn Bouquet is gorgeous! and I love There is a Time, even without the backstitched leaves:)

  3. Youch tooth ach is never pleasant. I love your Autumn Bouquet such beautiful colours.

  4. Wow AB looks great! You must be sooo pleased :)

    sorry about the toothache .. not fun! glad you are feeling better now!

    how come A Time for Everything has to go away??

  5. Autumn Bouquet looks great. Sorry to hear about the tooth ache, but glad the pain part is past. Love your chicken pin cushion.

  6. Your Autumn Bouquet turned out beautiful. Your framer did a really nice job! Too funny about the leaves on your LS piece. Sorry about your root canal. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I can sympathize with toothache pain, so sorry you had trouble. Love the AB you did a beautiful job and the frame is perfect. See, aren't you glad you have that Totally Useless Container? I've had to dig into mine just today for the very same thing and boy was it easier than getting to the basement for a new skein of thread.

  8. Your Autumn Bouquet is awesome as is your A Time for Everything. I love them both! I've been on the hunt for quite some time for A Time for Everything by LS. If you still have the leaflet and would like to sell it, PLEASE let me know, okay? I'm a woman on a mission here and HAVE to have that pattern. It's adorable!!

    Carolyn :)


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