Sunday, August 9, 2015


My. new. addiction.
I can't even recall how I discovered Flosstube
but I have been watching for a few months now
and I am amazed how addicting it is.
Are you familiar with Flosstube?
In a nutshell it is stitchers making videos
talking about and showing their WIPS,
hauls, FFO's, UFOS.......
it is just fascinating!
I have been wondering for weeks why I find this
so interesting.  It is just another social media
outlet for stitchers to share.  I know Facebook
groups seem to be all the rage now but it
isn't my thing.  Like many I too find
Instagram the easiest way
to share my stitching and finishes.
Flosstube (a.k.a Youtube) is different. 
Although I don't know
any of the Flosstubers, I find it a nice distraction
at night while stitching.  It is almost like
having someone sitting with me as
I stitch and talking about stitching.
Granted it is a one-way conversation
it is amazing how much you can learn about
a person you have never met.  Even now
as I write this it still boggles my mind
why I like it so much.
I have learned a lot about myself too
from Flosstube.
I am very judgmental.
As Flosstubers share their stash and haul,
I often roll my eyes commenting that they
will never stitch all they have accumulated.
I know they will never stitch all they
have in this lifetime.
I am a hypocrite.
As I judge others about their stash
and inability to stitch it all in this lifetime,
I continuously add to my voluminous
stash that I will never stitch
 in two lifetimes. Bless my heart!
I obviously don't know the most
popular designers.
This could be a drinking game as you watch a
video.  It is almost with certainly that you will
find a flosstuber stitch at least one if not all
of these designs/designers:
Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Storytime Sampler
Box of Delights
Save the Stitches
Twisted Band Sampler
Rainbow Band Sampler
If you are unfamiliar with any of these
designers or designs, head on over to
Flosstube and you will soon be educated.
I am amazed that I don't find more Flosstubers
showing designers and designs that I
like to stitch.  I guess that is one reason
I am so amazed at my fascination.
I may see the occasional Lizzie Kate but
surprised you don't see a lot Blackbird
Designs or Plum Street Samplers to
name a few being stitched.
Even though I have no interest in these
particular types of designs, I still have this
feeling I am missing I?????
Great source for new techniques/designers/supplies.
I have gotten some great tips and techniques
to make stitching easier.  I love exploring
new to me designers, fabrics, threads
and other stitching accessories. 
I am motivated to stitch.
Although I will never join the Flosstube
community, I do find it motivating and
have noticed my stitching during the
week has picked up considerably.
I found it a chore to stitch after work but
there is something relaxing about stitching as
I listen to others talk about their stitching.
I will take it...any stitching is good.
So....if you haven't checked out Flosstube,
give it a try.  I do warn you, though,
that it can be addictive.
*   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
I do have some stitching to share...
told you I was motivated!
I just love the A Most Suitable Name series
from Jeannette Douglas Designs. 
This is my fourth finish and I still have four
more to go and hope to start another this month.
Jeannette Douglas Designs "Alphabet Annie"
from A Most Suitable Name series
stitched on 40ct PTP Legacy with recommended thread
I love the little motifs on this one and
would be cute on a little pincushion.
*   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *
I decided late Friday night to get a start on
Heartstring Samplery's Three Little Proverbs,
which has been kitted since last year.  
There are three designs and I decided to
put in a few stitches on the first one in hopes
I could stitch on it this upcoming week.
Heartstring Samplery "Proverbs 15:1"
from Three Little Proverbs
stitched on 40ct PTP Wren with Victorian Motto,
WDW and Sampler threads
Not sure how this happened but I couldn't stop
and put in the last stitch this afternoon.
I don't know what it was about this design
but I couldn't put it down. I just love all of
the little motifs and the color combos
are just so pretty and pleasing.

I love the message also and am anxious
to move on to the next one.
*   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~   *   ~
Well...if you stayed with me this long,
thanks for visiting my small corner
of the web.  Happy stitching.....


  1. Lovely finishes, Karen! Isn't Wren a great fabric background?

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Flosstube???.... I'm heading to check it out! It must have worked because you got turbo needles :)) love this!!

  3. Love seeing your work! Any suggestions on a video or two to especially check out? Aldo have to admit I'm not familiar with most of those designers.

  4. Oh what sweet, sweet finishes. I am so glad you do post. I don't do Instagram or Facebook.

  5. I came across flosstube about a year ago and I will admit I sat here for about 2 hours and just watched video after video LOL I Don't think I could ever make one though I would feel weird talking to "space" Good to see you got the stitching bug... Hope you are good.

  6. We stitchers are enablers. You know I'm going to have to go check out Flosstube now! Any suggested Flosstubers I should look for? You know, cause if I'm getting enabled I should know where to start dontcha know. LOL!

  7. Better go take a look.... you latest finishes are lovely.

  8. I've never heard of flosstube so will definitely check it out! I love both your finishes but that Heartstrings Sampler piece is really speaking to me!

  9. I've watched it now for about two years off and on. I even have a friendly relationship with a lady that posts regularly from the UK. :) IT is great! I agree :)

  10. I checked out FlossTube before finishing your post! What fun!! It IS like having stitching buddies with you! Love your finishes! The Heartstring Samplery one reminds me of some Sampler Girl designs... similar styles. I like both! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh my ~ Yet another potential addiction! :0) I love seeing how others set up their stitching areas and how they store their stash. Thank you for sharing it!

    Your two finished pieces are darling!

  12. Your finishes are lovely! Flosstube, huh? I was wondering if there were podcasts for stitchers. I like watching knitting podcasts a lot. Have to check out the stitching ones.

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  14. Flosstube is awesome!!since reading your post i have been watching almost non stop! I have also found that my stitchy bug has gone into overdrive :)

  15. I will have to check this out! Lovely stitching!

  16. A neat post And pretty finishes! You've sure been on a roll! I'm going to look at floss tube in a minute!

  17. I shot coffee out my nose reading yur take on floss tube. I recently discovered it myself agree with you. I feel like a little twisted while I watch it, but it is addictive. Just adore your stitching, and your blog.

  18. Hi Karen, I checked out floss tube & found it fascinating. Yes, it is addictive & yes, I am stitching more too.

  19. Hi Karen. You hit it exactly right on the description of the designers that seem to be required stitching for flosstubers. I will add one more observation. I think the average age of those recording videos is somewhere between 22-30. Definitely the younger set but not without exception. Perhaps that is a clue toward the types of designs they prefer. I've been watching for a number of months now, and, for the first time ever I am considering a full coverage piece. No fairies and wide-eyed girls etc for me. I am looking more at classical art. I am also considering stitching a Mirabilia! I have always liked them but never ever gave them a second look to stitch them myself. Again, no fairies for me, at least not yet, but I think I may stitch Mother's Arms.


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