Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beginning to look like Christmas...

I just love my XS ornament tree that I have in my kitchen. I have had the tree in a box for about 5 years and decided to finally use it! I had finished these back in November and added some other non-stitched ornaments I have accumulated but never used. I just love the way it turned out and can't wait to finish some more.

DH then put together a Dickens Village scene for me by the tree and I just love it. Makes me want to stay in the kitchen more...that's a first! Thanks for looking....


  1. Your tree in your kitchen is just adorable! I can see why you'd want to stay in there :)

  2. Love the tree & ornies - village looks great, too. :)

  3. i love your cross-stitched Christmas decorations. i remember years ago i bought a few of these at $1 each at a craft fair!! when i moved and got rid of most of my Christmas decorations, i kept those for sure!


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