Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pals Christmas Ornament exchange...

Michele in WA let me know she received her Pals package and I wanted to post a pic of the ornament I made for her. She loves reindeer and I found this pattern in a old FTLOCS magazine. I hope she enjoys it.

Trying to find a design turned out to be an unexpected joy. I sat and flip through all of my old magazines (20+ years worth) and found so many new designs I want to stitch! It was amusing to see feature articles on "new designers" who by now have become old favorites. This was especially true in my Cross Stitch & Country Crafts mags from the 80's. They did an article on Tina Herman from Shepherd's Bush and we all know how much her designs are loved today. It also made me realize that I absolutely have to much stash!!!! I know what my New Year's resolution will be, but we will save that for a later post.

Well....hubby and I are off to get our tree and decorate the house. All of our stuff was in storage the past two Christmases so we are excited to see all of our old favorites....and see what is broken. It will then be a day filled with college football (my third favorite hobby). I plan to plant myself in front of the TV at 1:00 to watch the ACC championship and continue until the last snap tonight for the Big 12 game! Of course, I will be able to cross stitch the whole time so it should be a very productive day. Hope you enjoy your day as well.


  1. Hi Karen
    I came to visit with you! Nice blog and even nicer ornament!

  2. you know I love my ornament and can't wait to have it hanging on my tree :)

  3. Karen,
    I love the reindeer ornament! I
    have a 'thing' for reindeer...!
    Do you know the name of the designer and chart? I would love to be able to find a copy.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,


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