Friday, December 26, 2008

Gotta love new stash....

Just got to love new stash that has been acquired on sale! I look forward each year to the sale at Counted Stitches and was prepared this year! My goal was to get all of the thread needed to complete my projects in waiting, but just couldn't resist picking up a few more designs. get organized and ready for a new year of stitching!

To be more productive and reduce my current stash, I have decided I will not purchase any new designs in the new year and have pulled 50 projects that I would like to start, stitch and hopefully finish before the end of 2009! I have far more than enough waiting to be stitched to last me a lifetime and have decided I should focus on what I have....not what I want. I can ignore their cries for attention any longer. It will be interesting to see how well I handle the pressure and temptation for anything new! Here's to happy stitching in the new year.


  1. What a great stash, what great colors..lucky girl..hope u can keep your resolution..or is it? lol


  2. Cool shopping! I'm very proud of you. And I am going to contemplate following you in your plnas for the new year. They are admirable and I ***know*** I have several years worth of stash in my life languishing around my hovel.


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