Friday, March 6, 2009

Major Happppppy Dannnnnnce........

I picked up these up today and I absolutely love them!!!!! Since we are in a new town, I had to find a new framer so I asked my LNS who did their framing. The lady was so nice and did a great job. Of course, as many know, there is the "sticker shock" of having things professionally framed but I think it is well worth it. The time I spent stitching this stuff is priceless to me so I should finish it to last my lifetime!

Bent Creek "Season of Change Row"

This is now my absolute second favorite finish ever!!!! (My favorite is still Linda Spivey's "A Time for Everything".) I just love the chunky frame and it looks so much better in person. I have 6 more BC "Row" designs done and think I am going to use the same frame so that I can hang them all together. Love it!!!!!

Twisted Threads "Irish Blessing"

I stitched this for my hubby a couple of years ago and finally had it framed. It is stitched on 18 ct tea-dyed fabric, which I did myself. The fabric really has a "stained" look but you can't see in the pic. I just love chunky frames and still need to decide where this one will go!

"Sunflower Sampler"

Lastly, this was a UFO I finished earlier this year. I would have been happier with a thicker frame but framer suggested it not be too wide. I do like the way this one turned out with the green mat and this one is already hanging in my bedroom!

I am so happy with these!!!! I only have about 50 finished things to frame and can't decide what to do next! Oh well....I am off to stitch on my SB "Herb Gatherer" for the Let's Stitch Friday night SAT. Thanks for looking and happy stitches....


  1. You should be happy - they are beautiful! Congrats!

  2. They all look great Karen, love the frame choices. I do my own these days, but still they end up sitting around not framed yet lol

  3. They all look great, Karen!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful work and beautiful finish. As usual love the Bent Creek, i am a huge fan of that and lizzie Kate.
    Cathy from KY

  5. love love love these finishes all framed up! The are wonderful :)

    even with sticker shock, it's worth it to see all your hard work hanging on you walls ... finally :)

  6. good for you! they do look wonderful stitched up.
    now this Sunflower looks very famaliar to me but I can't recall where.I love it

  7. All of them look wonderful! I especially love the Bent Creek one, another fav. designer of mine.

  8. They are all very beautiful and well made.


  9. Beautiful framing on these. I really like the Row frame but my favorite in the stitchy department has to be the Sunflower.

  10. They all look just fantastic!! Wonderful stitching and they look so great framed!

  11. Saw your BBD Sunflower sampler on the BBD blog and had to come visit your blog! And then I see THIS sunflower sampler and have to tell you, I've stitched this one too, back in 95 or something like that. It's been framed and on my wall since then, it's one of my all time favorite things e-ver that I've stitched! Yours is gorgeous, the frame is just right! Hope you enjoy it for many years to come :-)
    Cute blog!

  12. congratulations on 3 wonderful finishes, they look beautiful in there frames


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