Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Old Glory framed...

I finally got around to framing "Old Glory". I had the mat and found this frame I have probably had 20 years. Pretty good if I say so myself! I had a red mat also but hubby like the blue better. Since it is going in his office he had the final say! Thanks for looking!

Happy stitches...

Updated for design info...

Carolyn asked who the designer for the flag is and it is "Protrait of the Civil War" published in 1990 by Jeannette Crews Designs.


  1. WOW Karen,
    Your Old Glory looks very professional. I like the blue mat.

  2. I really like the way you finished Old Glory!! Do you cut your own mats? If so, I am WAY impressed!!

  3. Beth...goodness..I wish I could cut my own mats. Actually, my LNS from my hometown went out of business last year and they had a frame shop. I stocked up on mats and odd (mostly square) frames since they are hard to find and she gave me a great deal on them.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Karen. I love your Old Glory! I'm in an Ornament group, too. Glad to see others are doing better than I! I only have one... yet! Hope springs eternal! BTW, I love this pattern - who is the designer? Thanks!

  5. That is a nice flag, I like it with the blue mat, I think red would take away from the flag too much. And I'm not posting until after your edit....guess what, I have that leaflet in my stash. I didn't remember the flag but I do remember because I did Grant and Lee (a long time ago it seems) for my Civil War collector uncle.


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