Saturday, March 14, 2009

UFO finish of another sort.....

Warning.....this is not a stitching related UFO finish in any way, but does involve beer so please leave if you are not of the legal drinking age! Yeah....right....

No...this UFO finish involves the "golden liquid"....yes beer! My hubby and I are beer connoisseurs and love trying new styles of beer. I know most people conjure up a different image when someone says they like beer (Budweiser come to mind?) so I use the word "connoisseur". We really appreciate the taste of a well crafted beer and it sounds so sophisticated?!?!!? Anyway....three years ago Andy and I joined the UFO club at the Flying Saucer. If we consumed 200 different...let me stress different beers, we would be honored for eternity in the "Ring of Honor" with a gold plate memorializing our accomplishment. actually took a little under 3 years, but we accomplished our feat on February 21, 2009. Yes, we both drank 200 different beers! During this time I came to appreciate a variety of different styles of beer with my favorite being stouts and porters. Oh well....I digress....

To mark this momentous occasion, we also were treated to a "Plate Party" so that we could celebrate with our closest friends as our plates were hung on the wall.

Our plates!

We had a blast and enjoyed the rainy afternoon with some great beers, good food and enjoyable company.

We joked whether this was my best accomplishment at this point in my life. Upon reflection, I think my major accomplishments thus far would be ...

First...Of course, marrying my sweetie
Second...finishing my MBA
Third... finishing Barbara & Cheryl's "Rainbow Row" (only took 9 years)
Fourth - Fifty-fifth ... the other cross stitch projects I have finished with pride plate!

My most favorite beer I tried? Without a doubt...Young's Double Chocolate Stout...yes it is made with chocolate. It is rich, creamy, smooth....oh so good! You can even make an ice cream float with it and it is to die for.
My least favorite beer? Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. I don't know if it was stale or the tap was bad, but this was absolutely the worst beer. I had to choke it down....but I did.

Oh well..kudos to my hubby and me!

Hubby & me!

Yes...I have already started working on my second plate and have already had 11 of the 200! Oh....can imagine how much stash I could have bought with all of that money?????

Oh well... if you made it this far reading...thanks for visiting....Cheers!


  1. I'm jealous! Wish we had a club like that around here. I will always take beer over wine any day. DH and I tried "samplers" this summer at some brewerys in Colorado. Never know what your going to get!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you had a grand ole time!!!!!!!!

    Me - I prefer wine over beer. Never did acquire a taste for the stuff.

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful UFO Finish! What a fun "project". Now, if you're starting a new plate, does that mean 200 beers different from the first 200, he he he he he.

  4. Congrats! What a cool accomplishment. My husband would probably love to do something like this...he enjoys a good beer, too. His favorite is Lone Star beer from Texas. Whenever any relative goes to Texas, we have them bootleg some back home for him...shh, don't tell! LOL!

  5. This looks like fun!! Great!
    In the past I loved beer (especially Irish Guinness..) but now I prefer wine over beer!
    Great photos too!!
    Have a happy stitching day greetings fr Holland,

  6. what fun! and congrats to you and your DH :) here's to enjoying another 3 years and 200 different beers .. oh and you should come to Seattle sometime .. I htink we might have as many micro brewreys as we do coffee houses! lol

  7. congrats! sounds like you had a fun time doing this.

  8. congrats to you and your DH, sounds like you had a great time achieving the 200 goal, rnjoy the next 200!


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