Monday, June 21, 2010

Friends Seasonal Exchange....

I received a wonderful package from Kim B today for the Friends Stitching Through the Seasons summer exchange....

Sampler Girl's "Molly Pitcher 1778"

This is my first Sampler Girl design and I just love it. Kim could not have picked a better design for me and I love how she finished it. Better yet...take a look at the back.....

OMG....I am so stealing this idea from Kim.

And last but not least....

She also sent some great goodies! I just love Americana and will definitely put it all to good use.

I also heard from Michele that she received my package.....

SB "Summer" on 28ct coffee-dyed evenweave

I don't know why I was so "challenged" on the finishing on this one, but it definitely looked like I had help from my 1-year old nephew! Michele liked it (she's so nice!) so I am glad.

No new stitching to show since it is all for exchanges, but I am excited about a RR I am stitching with
Amy, Faye, and Nicole. We are each stitching squares from PS "Friends" and "More Friends". I love the designs and can't wait to get going.

P.S. .........
I have to send out a big shout to my Clemson Tigers, who beat #1 seed Arizona State today in the CWS! Go Tigers and good luck tomorrow against Oklahoma!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love both what you received and what you gave! Wow wow wow! What fun!

  2. I'm glad you liked it Karen! Beautiful exchange for Michele!! I love those buttons.

    Anyone who beats Arizona State is awesome in my books as DH and I both went to the University of Arizona :)

  3. Beautiful exchange from Kim!!! 'And your exchange looks just beautiful too!! Did you hear me hooting all the way down here at the beach when Clemson won!!!! Yay Tigers for sure!!! Faye

  4. Oh my, Kim's finishing is wonderful! What a darling exchange!

  5. Clemson can win everything but football games against FSU!

    Both designs are gorgeous. I certainly don't see what you're saying about your finishing. It's gorgeous and looks professionally done.

  6. Both designs are beautiful Karen. Your finishing looks great - don't know what you are talking about. :o)

  7. I am a sucker for anything Americana, so BOTH yours and Kim's are gorgeous designs and finishes!

    You both did a wonderful job!

    I am enjoying being in some exchanges too and they are so much fun!

  8. Great Exchanges
    I enjoyed the view :)

  9. Two lovely stitched and finished pieces for this exchange.

  10. Kim's exchange to you is meticulous! I love it :)
    And what a darling finish for your exchange with Michele :) CUTE!
    What a cool RR to participate in!

  11. Lovely gift and the back accent is just too adorable!

    I think you did a fabulous job Karen!

    I don't remember those PS patterns! I can't wait to see you start it :o)

  12. Karen, this is a beautiful gift you got and I love the way Kim signed it for you. What a great idea !! I love also what you gave... so nice of you guys.

  13. great exchanges both sent & rec'd. I have to say, booo clemson, you beat out our ASU. but on the other hand, good luck to Clemson!! my daughter goes to ASU so i have to root for them. :)

  14. Great exchanges! I love the heart that's stitched on the back of the one you received. And I think the finishing on "Summer" looks great!

  15. How pretty! I think your summer looks great. Sometimes we are our own worst critics!

  16. Lovely exchanges, both sent and received.

  17. Love both Kim's gift and your SB summer, Karen. That looks like it was a really fun piece to stitch :)

  18. Oh my gosh, what fantastic exchange pieces! They're both wonderful. I REALLY need to get to some patriotic stitching!

  19. I love the patriotic pieces! Those patriotic star buttons are cool too. Your SB Summer finish looks great to me, I couldn't finish like that to save my life! lol


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